Sunday, August 24, 2008

The MERGING in the SEARCH....

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New Age Bitch said...

Lovely images!

derick said...

thanks for the visit and the compliment.
i read your raising vibrations posting--these images are just being and merging as one.

Robin Easton said...

This is so powerful Derick. So creative and lovely, well done. This would be potent on a gallery wall. :) It delivers SOOOOOO many messages without one single word. It could be read as souls touching. The individual returning and merging with source or THE ONE. One love to another. Peace. Love. Letting go one's pride or reserve in the act of reaching out, joining hands. We are ONE, and the same. The search. The desire to be joined. The desire to be connected with and part of. The act of embracing by reaching back when someone reaches out. So many messages with this that I could just sit and stare at it and feel a cornucopia of healing, warmth and goodness. Beautiful, my friend!!!

derick said...

robin ,
I thank you--when I completed it, I was kind of mesmerised---it is one of those images as you so kindly point out that will evoke many responses...

mille grazie for your input and solid honest encouragement--it is always appreciated and is grounding in many ways
take care