Friday, August 8, 2008

The Dispalcement...............All & Nothing

Invigorated with the displacement of the comfort zone, which slowly slipped beneath the surface of the azure waves, while the anxiety took a back seat and in the relaxation and surrendering to the moment, all becomes a part of this watery cradle, which seemed to be rocking me back and forth in it's cool embrace, while all the while, the thoughts of an ominous future slipped and cascaded into the obliviousness of nothingness, providing a warm sanctuary, which never ceased to amaze at it's ability to transcend a busy mind detailing all the many fluctuations, slowly zeroing off into unfelt peace and tranquility, with the thoughts subdued and trance like and the natural auditory rhythms take over, immersing one in a pod of consciousness and awareness that has never before been experienced, as the present surroundings start to slowly fade away and the brightness of the light surrounded me with it's pulsating dexterity and luminescence, it forms itself into a spinning vortex tunnel which lifted me up until there was no form or shape and the recognition of any time frame was null and void, while the energy spirals formed into groups and moved closer, as their electric tendrils moved back and forward, closer and closer, until all that existed was the feelings of pure love and with this recognition, the white light started to change into the colour spectrum, each all separate, each all together and then the voices started to speak inside and as they grew in stature, so did the feelings, while the message flowed until the darkness descended and as i open my eyes, there is the understanding of all and nothing.


Robin Easton said...

I love this ALL and NOTHING ending on this piece. I can really relate to that. I was just telling someone about that the other day. Good for you.

derick said...

mille grazie always