Sunday, November 30, 2008



As above
So below
Following the thread
Pursuance of the footfalls
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The Circle......Night Time Vigil...

The night is still and quiet as the temparature drops and the glow of a large camp fire causes the shadows to dance through the imagination.

Agile and fleetfooted, the last shimmerings of the desert heat have come to a standstill and the glowing embers embedded in those flickering flames, highlight a lone figure, sitting motionless in the cool embrace of the shadows, which play along the contours of a strong face, blessed with the space of serenity and a peaceful countenance, while the almost imperceptible movement of the larynx, brings the awareness of a chant, which is continous in it's intentions, as the sparks of the flames rise into the star filled night sky, creating more shapes and messages, as the heat of the fire attracts rattlers and cobras, which form a circle around the fire, and the man, stays motionless, as the circles complete themselves.

The rattlers are closest to the fire in the inner circle, and as they strt to rattle in unison, there seems to be a change in energy.

The cobras form an outer ring and lift themselves up high in all their hooded splendour and seem to sway from side to side, to the chanting and the sounds of the rattlers.

The pitch and the intensity of the sound grows and there seems to be a light emanating from the circle which increases it's own self illuminating brightness, until there is this energy bubble surrounding all and then the doorways start to appear.

These are not doors in the traditional sense, but are openings or portals into paralell realities and as they become clearer there appears before each a figure.

Each has the wizened face of an elder and adjoined to their misty like appearance,which has a n emanating glow, is the head of an animal, which seems to be attached to their own heads and lives in harmony with it's host.

There are eleven in total and through each portal lies a new vista.

There appears a lone figure in the circle, head bowed and perfectly still as there is always a waiting period for the energies to adjust.

There are two doorways which start to vibrate and glow more profusely.
The lone figure, head bowed, eyes closed, moves in the direction of one doorway without opening it's eyes.

The choice has been made and the doorways start to disappear one by one, until the illumination recedes and all that remains are the rattlers and the cobras, who stand down and move closer to the figure sitting by the fire.

The shadows dance in the firelight and each snake seems to be absorbed into the figure, still sitting and chanting, until the last snake disappears and as the sky brightens, the embers of the roaring fire are all that remains of a night time vigil in the desert.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Brick Wall.....

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Pushing past the brick wall of one's own perceived limitations !

The Boat of Destiny..........


Through the mud
perceptions of the fear
On a course with destiny
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the Hands of Emotion.......


To be able to feel
To be able to express
To be able to touch
with all one's heart
A love
like no other
All embracing
All encompassing
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In the Light........


Even in the light
The perceptions of darkness
May hold their sway
Until you make a choice
Walk away
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The Tree.........


As the tree of joyousness
Springs forth
From the fruits of perceptive surrender!
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Emergence Through The Darkness

As I wander in a kind of ethereal daydream, I feel the muscles in the pit of my stomach bunch and feelings of an overiding emotional wave starts to sweep over me, as the rivulets of transparent joy spring forth from their tear duct crevices to embrace a moment of connectedness to joy, humility and wholeness, as the true glory of the energy and spirit is revealed, in a milisecond, which seems like an eternity, as it etches and imprints itself as a reminder of an archetype memory, which was once forgotten and is now, in the instant, filled with a clarity of jubilation, as the light extends itself even further, while the blocks that were placed here, that seemed at first transparent and flimsy, vacillate into an altered perspective, as the they solidify and rejoice in the process, and the journey, from the letters, the words and the thoughts, which appeared empty and vacuous at first and the actions, as the thoughts, solidified into the intentions of universality and the eventual outcome, moment by moment, as all was and is seen for what it truly is, and in the sojourn ,of filling the darkness ,with the light, while embracing the internal darkness, and choosing the light, there will always be moments where the hollowness of the illusion knocks at the door, and as a guest, is invited in to explain itself for what it truly represents, and as the moment becomes many moments, and the explanation grows, there is a solitude in the quietness, as all the alternatives of the darkness are spilled out, and all the variations are laid bare, as the door opens to a light, which fills self, and the external reality, the darkness, stays indoors, expended in it's own reality, as the stride of the seeker becomes bolder, the darkness loses it's oppressive vice like grip and begins to wallow in it's own impotence, relegated to an illusion, where as, the truth and authenticity dance among a sea of colourfull flowers serenaded by all of nature, and finally, the next moment is upon one, seeking other atttributes, presenting new lessons, and as the day ends, the head slowly slides down to the ground and gives thanks, for what has been given and what is to be received with the rising of the sun on the following day.
Blessed be.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Standing Revelation......


To be able to see
What is........
To be able to know
What is not.....
Extrapolating the boundaries
Expanding the possibilities
Opening the doorway to infinity......
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A Standing Reflective Reflection....


Standing at the edge
Reflecting on the reflection
What has gone before
What transpires in the moment
What will manifest

Serenity in the heart of chaos
Perspective & choice
A sea breeze
A companion gull
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A Journey into the Soul of the Forest and Back Again........

The wind pushes me along the path of this part of the journey and as I walk through this forest of giant companions, smiling at me as the breeze catches their leaves and branches and in the silence, I hear their laughter, as the rays of the distant sun flash on the path ahead, guiding me inexorably to a destination of unknown knowingness, while I start to breathe faster, taking in the embryonic darkness of a process that is cyclic.

Progressing deeper into the growth, the path narrows and the giant fern fronds brush against my cheek, showing companionship and compassion on a journey filled with the surrennder of the reality I had just left behind and the pre programmed normality of the reality, of an illusion, which has subverted and cloistered the truth and authenticity and propelled me on a journey of discovery, travelling the external, to reach the internal and vice versa.

Assimilating all that is on my path, there is the calmness which washes over me in waves ,and around me the flora starts to glow in hues of gold, as the sounds of the distant waterfall ring out with a rythmic beat, to which the birds answer in a natural rhythm of a chant, which seems to spur me on in my pace, while my footprint of self seems to grow and the golden light of the flora merges with the light that emanates from deep within and as the two begin to merge, the forest takes on an altered perspective.

I begin to see the connection between all living matter and how it relates to self.

My orbs of vision scan around and it seems that at times I do not even have to move my head.
Maybe ,it is that, i am totally still with my eyes closed and what is around me 360 degrees is available to be seen, until there appears to be a set of pin prick blackness garnering my attention and as I focus, I see that these spots of blackness are of different colours and then there appears the golden pools, which draw me into their glidepath and as I near, a puma locks onto my eyes and the longer I look into these pools of liquid gold, the more i begin to merge with this wonderful animal and in the process, I am racing towards, I do not know what, feeling the agility and the power as I travel as one, leaving the path and manouvering through the obstacles at speed, until, the forest thins out and in the clearing stands the largest and most beautiful waterfall that I have seen, and the spray lands on the whiskers and the fur of the puma and I feel it's moistness, and know that both are experiencing the same,as one.

Looking down I see my own body and standing across from me stands the puma and as I cast my gaze sideways, i see this large edifice with stairs leading up to an entrance.
Switching my gaze back to the puma, it is already on his way towards the building and there are forty nine stairs and fourteen pedstals, seven on each side.

The puma pauses at the first pedestal at the bottom then in one fluid movement leaps onto it. Instantaneously it is bathed in a flash of light and when I am able to it again, there is a statue of the puma, on the pedestal, blessed with the most intricate detail in the darkest stone that I have borne witness to.The eyes are of golden anber and as i watch, the puma moves onto the next pedestal and the process repeats itself until all of the seven pedestals have statues and then it disappears into the darkness of the doorway and as I marvel at what has just transpired, there appears an eagle above ,which startles me as the sound of it's wings flapping cause me to freeze.

Closing my eyes I only see the blackness at first and then I feel the rush of the air around my body, which is feathed ,and on either side are the wings flapping in a rythmical beat, which causes me to feel an elation of spirit.
My vision becomes clearer and I take in the true breadth of the forest, which stretches as far as the eye can see, and as the details start to reveal themselves, I see a forest filled with every single creature from the termites, the butterfly, the birdlife, flying in full colour, the different species of cats, the small buck, the dragon fly close to the water and then the many monkeys and apes, which swing from tree to tree an forest becomes quiet, as there appears to be an intrusion of a different species, and with that comes the noises and diferent sounds and smells, which up to now have remained foreign to this bastion of nature, and then comes the chain saws, the loggers and the bulldozers,who start to decimate, that which survived for eons, and from the point of view up above, I see the edges of the forest and it resembles a piece of bread, which has had a bite taken from it.

I feel the confusion of all who inhabit the forest and I hear a voice which keeps on repeating itself, and as I close my eyes to concentrate, I am back on the ground, and the eagle has alighted onto the first pedestal on the right and proceeds to emulate the same process as the puma.

I walk up the steps, reaching the first landing and the voice becomes louder and louder and the statues, who were gazing outwards, start to look inwards at me on the landing and through my body, I feel this jolt of energy, which spurs me on to each successive landing, and as I stand at the portal of darkness, I look up to see the intricate carvings of intertwined snakes around the lintel and on either side of the doorway and next to the each snake is another animal, which is slightly recessed, and as my eyes take in the detail, I see a tortoise, a bear, an elk, an antlope, a monkey, a butterfly, a parrot, a dolphin ,a whale, a tiger, a camel, a lion, a buffalo, and I start to wonder why all these animals are represented when some of them do not even exist in this forest and then I hear the voice--" IT IS IN THE WHOLENESS THAT WE ARE ONE", and as I pass the doorway. the floor luminesces with a pulsing energy.

As solid as the floor looks, it feels, that with each footfall that is taken ,that it is moving all around me.
Covering the floor on the left are the shed skins of snakes and on the right is an array of feathers, from all types of birds.
These seem to be moving into some kind of pattern and as I watch they start to levitate, turning around and around, in a whirlpool effect and they begin to pulse and emit a hum, which grounds me on this part of the journey and I wonder what next and why.

The feathers become one giant feather and moves through to the next portal, and I follow.
As I leave the last room disappears and I am left in a room which has water seemingly bubbbling up from the stonework, and now as I approach there seems to be some kind of invisible force holding this pool in place and as I step up to the rim of this pool, all goes quiet and the bubbling ceases.
Looking at this pool it turns to obsidian blackness and a shaft of sunbeam lights it up from above, which perplexes me, for as I look up the light is far too bright to see anything and I am transfixed.
As I look into the blackness, my whole journey reppeats itself in slow motion and the voice grows louder and then I hear what it is saying--" IT BEGINS WITH YOU AND ENDS WITH YOU".

In that moment all disappears and I feel the wind on my cheeks and I am still strolling through the forest.
I stop.
I remember all of what had happened and know that this was not just an imaginative expeditionary experience.
The thought reverberates through my mind continuously, until I place my hand in my pocket and withdraw the shed skin of a snake and one feather.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Standing with Nature......


To be one with self
Is to be one with nature
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The Standing Duality......


To rise above oneself
To see all
To gain perspective
To flourish
To be empowered

In the reality of the duality the truth emrges and merges with the whole!

There is no going back
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The Parallel Perspective.......


To stand
To see
Beyond the present reality
To transcend what is......
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The Muse......

The muse
The devine feminine

The inspiration
The exhiliration
The constant reminder

The exibition of the essence of what truly is!

From the stones of creation arises the beauty and the joyousness of all!
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A Single Thought.........

When the north east wind blows and the air chills the skin down to the bone and the goose flesh perpetuated itself up and down the body, while all the time there seems to be a frenetic hive of activity, which accompanies the mass of memory imprints walking through the annals of the past and sometimes making themselves felt in a surreptitious way in the present and while, all the while, the billions of moments of the mass of humanity fill each second and conduct the energised emotions into the pot 0of wholeness, without sometimes realising what it is that they are adding to a world that begins and end with a single thought

Choices & Perceptions in the Parallel...........

The sun rises over a distant landscape as the rock of the mountains turns from the dark hues of grey blue to the embracing tones of orange brown, while the light pierces the pupils of awareness, causing all other detail to disappear and in the bright light of this, the halo's play their games.

Dancing through the air, while the acrid smoke of fires crept closer,causing tears to form, as the euphony of the birds played their concerto, the memories flooded through the viaduct of experience, illuminating the past in the present, while all seemed exactly as it should be.

The quality of the now sensation of the body started to lose itself and the mind extrapolated into a moment of infinity, and still the cesspool of obsidian darkness played in the shadows waiting for an opportune moment to inveigle itself into the subconsciousness and play it's age old games.

Close by in the pools of lucid water the image starts to change from the mirror like image of self , to the image of the guardians and sentinels of a world, which is unlike the outer core of reality in which all inhabit.

The form and space change and so does the illusion of time alter, as the essence of self travels unhindered and unimpeded through the realms of a world of parallels.

The inhabitants of this world are to be seen as vibrating energy and the intensity of each is a sign of it's health.
All give off their signature vibration and in the crowds, the different energies mix and fuse, while some are dented and others seem to not have any luminosity what so ever.

Suddenly all starts to make sense in a world which exists together with others, in parallel.

As the sun climbs higher in the sky and reaches it's zenith and then slowly sinks, the energy cocoons start to dissipate and time becomes relevant in the awakening to the sunset and the realisation that all is in the perception and the choice.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Above & Below Hand.......

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From the depths of creation
Touching the panorama
Of the essence of life

Sunlight Emancipipation......


An eruption
The cascading joy
Flowing forth
In the truth
Of glorious sunlight
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As the Wheel Turns Once Again.......

Letters, words, thoughts, images surrender themselves in the process of personal emancipation, which may lead to group emancipation, and as the full moon bears witness to an eons old process, the sentient being struggles with the day to day reality, and no matter how far one thinks that one is on this wondrous, joyous path of discovery of one's own spirituality and being mindful of what is at stake, there will be the times that no matter how confident and self assured, one will slip into a pocket of darkness, which turns out to be a crossroads of opportunity, if one so chooses, or it could be the bog that holds one transfixed and immobilised with fear, as the mind loses the intensity and the focus on the greater picture, and even then this pastiche, a frozen moment in time, which may seem to drag on for an eternity, there will always be the decisions that one ultimately has to make and whether one fights or takes flight, the core of one's essence takes the toll of the constant manifestation of the deluge of events, which are seemingly without reason and without control, and as this filters through the organism , no matter how dire the situation is in real time, there is always that moment in one's life, where the feeling and the external emotion of what was felt, has to be remembered, in order for an anchor to be weighed in the landslide of events, to be able to leave the events and the cards where they fall and return to a space of wholeness from whence the battle of self will continue with a renewed vigour, without the grabbing onto the periphery and honing into a selfless act of connecting with others and trying not to be the taker, but the giver, while in the discernment of the language that one conveys outwardly lies the key to a mindset, which in itself, is a key in being able to gain perspective in the turn of events, and to be able to lighten the load of reconciling the emotional impact of what one senses were events directed in a personal way and taking this energy and turning it into a springboard, to propel oneself into another classroom of learning, which will ultimately leave one feeling more empowered, more confident and more able to make sense of a puzzle, as the pieces start to drift together of their own accord and the energy patterns, that are there, seem to flow with the energy imprint of this sentient being, and in the surrender, the choices open up and the multiple opportunities that exist, like fireflies dancing on a darkened night, and in the process leaving one with a sense of oneness, as all seems to be just as it should be, and the wheel of life turns once again.