Friday, April 11, 2014

Sunday, March 30, 2014


To be able to sever that which ails and rejoice!

Friday, March 14, 2014

The patinas of experience.......

Calmness and serenity wrapped in a breeze of invisibility soothes as it touches, leaving a tell tale manifestation.

The breeze of heroes whips up a dust storm as the heel's slowly march their way forward.

Emaciated wanderers trudge the outward journey, silently cognisant of the playful warming rays of sunbeams playing tag amongst the colourful floral displays.

Warriors sanctify their mission, gently usurping all that is seen, heard and felt, while stoking the furnace of their own purpose, as the coals spiral with their energy, spreading outward.

Side stepped and misplaced lessons pop up on the deja vu landscape challenging the owners to take point with their curiosity and vigour.

Boxed simplicity buds along the path, as the distractions tempt and distil, what has been natures landscape and the intensity of it's palette stirs hidden memories as the well heeled path echoes the voices of a thousand other wanders.

Mesmerising voices scream  the urgency as the water seeps from the rocks, giving life with each drop that funnels through the patinas of experience .

Swirling with the heavenly white water crests, the significant insignificance, of all else, pales in a moment of awareness and consciousness.

In the vacuum of nothingness, momentary peripheral  colours flood the spatial awareness, of a seemingly dream like reality, which unfolds into the Sensurround of butterflies, covering the body with their little feet, wings beating to the drums of change.

Old memories leave the flux of one reality as new creation steams forth, echoing each in another.

Peels of laughter reverberate across the forest  floor, holding it's secrets , as the accumulated detritus of each cycle of life permeates the atmosphere with the melancholic damp algae smells of decay, making it's presence known, in it's force of giving new life, repeating the cycles to an avid audience, of all who choose to grace themselves with magnificence of their own being and all around.

The miracles of minutia abound , and in the dichotomy of realities, a spirit of destitution prevails.

Ensconced in the bubble of our creation, the veil of realities cloud, as the realisation that the wanderer and the warrior, are brothers in arms ,as one, and it is this, that shall ultimately  prevail.

Calmness and serenity
Wrapped in the breeze of tangibility
Soothing in it's touch  
To the legacy
Of the manifestation
For all        

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Rock peeking & other manifestations

There is always a sense of awe when gazing upon the majesty of what is

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Whispered & induced perspectives

Perspectives........whispered & induced

Induced & whispered.......

Swirls of veils are induced.

Experiencing the tingling closeness
Swathed emotions
Sing out aloud
Reducing themselves
A comet's tail of essence.

Radiating orbs of piercing azure blue
Shine forth across the countenance of joy
melts the shadows of angst
In the indulgence and the sanctity of life.

Whispered words
Across the winds of dreams
in the thoughts of creation.

A fanfare
Heralding the evolvement
Celebrating change.

Metastasised shadows
In the iron grip of conditioning
Leaves the recesses of fear
Finding new courage
Renewed purpose.

The mission continues 
From the printed pages
Comic book heroes
Come back to life
Attributes and strengths
Emerging from the essence of self.

Molecules condensate with the efforts of each step
Icy cold molecules
seep through the pores.

The skin tingles with it's challenges
focusses all senses
Placing each step
Following the pattern
A pre destined dance manoeuvre

The sound of the voice
Sets off the vibrations
Building itself up
In it's own self contained vessel.

Pressures ebb and flow
by the presence of change
Differing densities
as dualities
offer their own choices.

Linear occurrences
Confounded in the lateral implications

Surrendered attachments
Usher in the new found gifts
Parallel omnipotence
In the singularity of a moment. 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Reaching out.......holding on

Friday, February 7, 2014

The Waves of circular symmetry

The waves of raw emotion ebb and flow with the tides causing a rush of adrenalin and aliveness as the momentum increases, forging it's path through the barrenness of the illusion.

Steering through the denseness and the complexity of perception whilst feeling the invigoration of surrender, floating across the abyss of fear.

The joyousness, jubilation and laughter resonates through every fibre as the authenticity extrapolates and manifests itself.

The innuendo's of a reality dissipate as the continuing surge of essence breaks cover and appears on the rolling savannah's of a new day.

The circle's of knowingness overlap and spread their homogeneous vision through the mists of perception with a  courageous willingness to captivate all in the unfurling buds of authenticity and truth.

Crossing the threshold of faith and feeling the waves of emotional energy, held in suspension, in the antiquity of it's own edifice and being.

Washed with the acknowledgement of sentience and the overall ability to feel the accumulation of the expedited moments across a span of infinity.

Rooted and flying with the wings of destiny, the unfolding moments of choice herald a vision beyond the realms of mortal perception.

The veils of physicality are held in their own momentum, as the realisations of the mind unfold.

Unbridled emotions leap forth in their unrestrained gallop, charging towards surrender and the freedom of being.

Being touched and resonating, the tears of light flow forth, falling on the fertile grounds of compassionate understanding and oneness.

Basking in the sun of endurance and tenacity, the uncertainties are reclaimed and rekindled in essence, on a new trajectory.

The fluttering manipulative anxieties simmer in a vacuum on their own  downward spiral into the dust bowl of irrelevance.

Each embraced moment stands as a beacon, embedded in the past and a light to the future.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

The present moment


The Sepulchre of Experience

Festering bones
In the Sepulchre of Experience

Bare feet manipulating the hot dust
Collecting each particle
A moments memento

Full hands
Leverage of  the resources
before their time

Quivering resonations
Play themselves limitless
Across the kaleidoscope of emotion

Serendipitous adventures
Accidental events
Inculcated drippings
Soaring across the path of destiny

Matchless innovations
Intuitive understanding
Enraptured beauty
Soaring above the Sepulchre of Experience



Processing the whispering moments

Shaking the shadows on the long road to wholeness
Invigorated in the embrace of truth
Feeling the pulsating presence of the essence
Washed with the cool waves of resolution

Imbibing the serenity of timeless eons
Forging  ahead
A warrior like capacity

A windswept sky
Salivating with the fall of autumn leaves

Aspirational pangs
A mesmerising consciousness
Coated in the ochre dust

Sandstone spires
A radiance caught
No other

Vestibules of emigre's
Hold their space
A subconsciousness of choice

Sticky meringues
Holding gracefully
The moment of the present
Caught in the vortex  of interpretation

Whispering silence
Felt in the fibres
A pure essence
A persistent urge
Catapulted through the dreams of perceptual reality

Stuffed pride
Mounted on walls of grandeur
Flowing through corridors
Held and cemented in perpetuity

Gripped in the clutches
An inhalation of life
A heartbeat of realisation
A crossroads
An epiphany
of life

A culminating journey
An exhalation

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The puzzle.........a woman in transition

~Transcending the stereotypes  and expectations to live a self manifested truth~

Friday, December 20, 2013

Sunday, December 15, 2013


to be able to differentiate between looking and seeing

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Exhilaration through acceleration

Travelling emotive reflections, bubble and well up, synchronised in their movement, harnessing the latent power, spreading themselves, divesting their diverse energy through the pathos and ethos of all moments.

Letting go of the tendrils of  illusion, the tenacious and extravagant persuasion of the buy in and pleasure of a conditioned expectation, which is a lure on the path of a journey which has multiple focus to attain that which remains hidden until found.

The warmness of the integration brings a subtle mist of awareness, juxtaposed against a disjointed and dislocated present moment of reality, which skims across the surface inviting and foreboding, in it's own moment and presence.

Encapsulated in the warmth of a silky ephemeral cocoon, as the scent of moist decaying vulnerable undergrowth assails the nostrils, as a gentle reminder, whilst the beams of the light giver radiate  their rays through the praying boughs and branches above, casting their magical shadow dance down below.

Basking in the serene lull of a glorious silence, of grace and gratitude, the cranial pressure is accommodated subliminally and gently swallowed and assimilated into the vacuous depths of the omniverse.

Whistling winds move and erode surreptitiously, as the gentility of the consistent tug bathes all in it's rapturous change.

Incremental movement satiates the obsession of conditioning and natural reflex as the flow continues unrelenting in it's consistency, intentional patterns and upward buffeting.

Frenzied footsteps over the hot coals of urgency propel all , in a way previously unknown, whilst standing resolute on a predetermined path of purpose, unadorned in the singular all encompassing essence.

Exhilaration through the acceleration of the aggregate, on a trajectory unknown and inspired through the kernel of an idea, precipitated  by the ultimate nurturing of a seed of intention, with courage and a willingness, for extrapolation,and ultimately, manifestation.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Silver plattered moth

Awaiting the alchemy of transition

The bird lily

Taking flight in it's own beauty


Looking through the essence of self

Friday, December 6, 2013

A movement of willingness

Spilling and swirling through a mass of burnt orange leaves as the terracotta earth assails the nostrils with the aroma and stimulus of living and dying.

Tenaciously erudite in the realms of expansion and extrapolation, the obvious becomes less so as the boundaries of the known are extended and transcended into the unknown.

Fountains of courage pursue the cracked shadow façades as the depth of willingness and intention becomes self evident.

Morose subterfuge is engulfed in it's own encased bier, long since forgotten in the layers of accumulation and amnesiac remembrance.

The intenseness of the dirge swallows the irrelevant whilst the energised swathes of fabric continue cyclically in their own inexorable dance.

Through the darkness of the silence, the laughing stones echo their raucous sentiments whilst the patterns of their destiny manifest physically.

Rested in the moist earth of our dreams, fallen boughs lift and float across the forest floor, overcoming their own form and shape whilst being swept along with the fallen leaves on the cyclical rejuvenation of life.

Painted in light whilst emerging through the viscosity of form, the breath moves with the beat and flow of a memory dredged from the unconsciousness and obliviousness, resurfacing and facing the essence of being.

Standing on the breeze of inception, wandering across a vista of possibilities, ingrained with a plethora of opportunities, the landscape mutates on the breath of a thought.

A spiral of images and words pitching themselves in the vessel of their own containment, awaiting the revolutionary centrifuge of opportunity, to allow them to travel and play amongst the stars.

A willingness to move beyond the darkened jewel encrusted mass of the unknown and seek the seeds of essence sown in infinity, birthed through fire, sustained through the figment of a dream, spurred on by the essence of truth, played out moment by moment in the grace and gratitude of awareness. 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Intuition in the moment

Intuitive through the harmony of self

Empowered feminine essence

Empowered with the sanctity of self

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Capturing ........the moment

Radiating spectrum of light and sound fill and overwhelm the senses as the tingling skin experiences it's own manifestation, in the form of pain.

A fond reminder of the present moment,each moment, with the inhalation and exhalation of the subtle breath of awareness.

Pushing the limits of endurance and the known, and wandering aimlessly into the infinite and expandable space of the unknown.

Operating in the duality and physicalness of one dimension while simultaneously skirting and delving into the freedom of another.

Majestic salvation woos the senses in the sensuround of an opulent salvation, while the nought of nothingness, is the temptation of the goddess, who openly flaunt their words in song, in the longing silence of essence.

Simplistic branches of interpretation hang lifeless in the giant Baobab, whilst the life force of 1000 eons courses through the ether of  relegated consciousness.

Preconceived notions and perceptions have forged an illusion in the imaginative fire's of  an organism, who assumed a greatness and superiority in the illusion of their own likeness.

Pulled taught, through the eyelet of a giant canvas sail, which struggles to embrace the prevailing flow and at the same time is and always was an integral part of the flow.

Quenching the thirst in the embrace.
Satiating the appetite in the surrender.
A moment of connection.
A moment of bliss.
Capturing the elusiveness.
One moment at a time.
All time.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Sisters forever.......

The binds that tie together

The Flow........

Following the natural flow with the tenacity and courage.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Resplendent transitions.......

Pin pricks of light
A casting 
of inherent magic

Wondrous solicitations
Spread eagled light
Transcending the neurosis
Forging ahead

In the domain of veritas
Applauded joyously
Encouraged vociferously
in the evenness
and flow
of a moment

In the reflection of self
Mirrored irony of  self
Begrudging reflection
The duality of the twisted shards
Dichotomies of perspective
Held aloft
Ground into the finest powder
Whispered dreams
Upward motion
Breathing once again

Resplendent transitions
Breathe new life
A perspective of present
Bathed antiquities
of a  past.

The Abyss

Staring into the abyss

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A vision.......

Beyond sight.......a vision appears.......whispering in the quietness of the night.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

A Fist full

A fist full of everything

Swallowing & remembering.......

Swallowing hard
Moving on through the plethora
of emotional detritus
with each breath
Taking the next step
Finding the flow
Continuing the mission

Picking up the guide ropes
Feeling the motion
Connecting the pieces
Grasping the picture
A moment of wholeness

across the chasms
of the imagination
Leaving the known
to the unknown
Rekindling the spark
Believing once again
Remembering all

Saturday, October 19, 2013

~Angel portal........~

Angel portal awaiting cognisance


Flushed with the exuberance of life and still pondering the stereotypes  of womanhood

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Visions beyond.......

Visions of the rocks echo through the lucid dreams

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Arising from the depths

Arising from the depths of one's own essence

Layers of light.......

Defined in their own absoluteness
Peeled away
from the bones of conditioning
Levelled with the flow of being

Vigilant eyes
through the darkness
Sliding across
the obtuse dominion

Labelled exotica
through their own dessication
Artefacts crumble
Stories disappear
Transmuted forever 
through time

Erubescent liquid
through the eye of technology
Awaiting examination

Under the eves of a dream
In the limbo of the physical
An energised essence
Shines through
Always in the light