Saturday, March 7, 2015

Under the sky.......

Trusting in the flow
Weighing the elementary
Forging through the dearth
Crunching the filaments 
of the imagination
Usurping the threads
Wrangling with the precipice
in the fine red ochre dust
Floating over a sea of rocks
Walking on the backs of the frothy sea horses
the essence of the suspended moisture
Crazed with the sound of crushed sand
Inevitably high
with  the pulsations of energy
through the heart of destiny

Waiting silently
In the shadows of light
Apparitions of a whimsical essence
Dancing through the spheres of belief
Wandering the circles
Exercising the environs of truth
Channelling the aroma of freshly baked bread
into the moments

Walking the petals
Underfoot silkiness
into the scent
A moving zone of multiplicity

It wanders with a grace
Surrendered messages
Under an azure sky


Multiples beyond the jaded singular perspective

Monday, March 2, 2015

Being present.......

Flickering perspectives play their own game in the hushed silence. extrapolated  and perpetuated across an auditory and visual ephemeral line, moving and grinding itself across the meshes of one's own making.

Mesmerised, in the preconditioning of who one is and the abilities that are present, to be able to wield the honed cleaver through that which is not recognisable , as a truth in an existential reality, in the crawl spaces of unconsciousness and the subconscious facets , until the light of acknowledgement and all realisation expedites the change in a dynamic reality, whilst all the time having the doubts that it is the truth, as the blade strikes, through  all extraneous parts, that are found wanting, with a sense of new found courage, willingness and intention.

In the shimmering heat everything slows, as the backlit trees cast their passing stroboscopic shadow onto the passing vehicles, whilst a tear rolls down the cheek, in a rising sense, of jubilation.

Placed in a warp of singing silence, the tree of  possibilities blossoms , in a time lapse mind view, held in the golden triangle of one's being , as the synchronisation of the heart beat extrapolates itself through the unknown and unseen.........

Woven baskets appear haphazardly in the periphery of vision and their sense of weight eclipses their fine form.

Oblique melodic tunes rhapsodise themselves in unison, scattering their notes , to the four corners, in an archaic vigil.

Gesticulating  and open mouthed, the frozen moments echo no sound.....

The carved fountain centre piece spews forth it's life force, spreading it's spray , over all who   are caught in a petrified moment, as the melodic sound of water transports all into the sacred place of being.

The fibres of life stretch themselves continuously, as the nerve endings scream in anticipation of the extreme manifestations, that present themselves at each turn without an explanation of the why 

.........all  that is required is the faith , that this learning curve is a peak, to stand up on and scream in joyousness, as the eyes scan the panorama, and the mind, is able to connect to the body, and it's essence of the who, and at that very moment, being totally present, on the journey of life......

Friday, January 16, 2015

Watching, waiting........casting a shadow in the night

Opening to the embrace.......

Appearances parade themselves in the finery of expectations and illusion, as the fortress of invincibility of the fa├žade, begins to show the chinks of light, seeping  from the essence, swathed in the cloth of a private power struggle, which when seen as a pattern, represents a common thread, masquerading itself as a lone wolf, dancing in the company of the unseen others.

Solemn vows greet an audience of well wishers, as the inward brush of the reflection cuts into the core of their own walled city of emotion, and if, the permission is granted to dissect and analyse their own foundation, there is always a question if the preparation has been done to allow the floodgates of a retrospective to open and flow with the moment, in a way that allows the synthesis and wholeness to follow.

A dipping orb of heat and warmth heralds an icy wind which has the ability to invigorate or leave one in it's clutches shivering.

Loosening oneself from the strings of puppetry and experiencing the truth of a moment, with the exhilaration of freedom, as the flight of the birds circles  overhead in their supreme moment of being.

The lone headlight's pierce the embracing darkness and see only what is to be seen, as the blurring white lines disappear into their own anonymity.

Love somgs flood the airwaves with their different perspectives and creates a longing and a resonance with those that are seeking , in the fog of their own loneliness, as the lighthouse sends it's beams through the uncertainty and echoes it's booming signal across the void.

Opening to the embrace as the impertinence and impermanence of the barriers are realised in the solitude of the wholeness.

Stepping up onto a ledge of recognition as the manifestations  of fear gently subside into a knowingness of understanding and a path seldom travelled.

The lone wolf dances in the company of all.

Saturday, November 1, 2014


Calibrating the thought patterns and the mind set, the wind whispers it's intimacies with every gust , providing the point of relevance in the present, whilst the calmness takes it's place in the darkest recesses, which up to this moment had been buried under an avalanche of the outward stimulus, moving inward, and in the process dispossessing the truth of uniqueness, while giving a false sense of security in an aberrant landscape of identifying self with the manifestations of another's desire of what an individual is in a society driven by it's own greed and the inanimate constituents of what wholeness and well being comprise of.

Awaking from the slumbers of an illusion, the road to perdition takes on the most unlikely hues and resonance, as it whispers it's through the long grasses, swaying and moving the flexibility of it's own stillness.

Pernicious pain stakes it's hold in the fields of roaming, where each moment the feeling of aliveness flows through the veins and makes itself acknowledged.

Flipping through the pages of the transient ambiguities, the neon sign flickers in the tumultuous silence of the throbbing tendrils of pain set free.

Doing the tango through the dichotomy and the invested layers of emotionality, each moment takes on it's own guided life, as the attitude, stance and flow glides across the field of dreams.

Exquisite subtleties encroach on the awareness with their gilded patterns of connection, slowly settling in and usurping all the previous calibrations.

In the darkness and shadows of overwhelming fear, a spotlight catches the mysterious woman singing her heart out, on the crest of joy and jubilation.

The inward exuberance of the light catapults itself in it's own arc and ambiance outwards, as the acknowledgement of this inner core essence pierces the darkest shadows of doubt, fear and insecurity.

Letting go of the disruptive  and unproductive patterns, the flow incorporates the dualities and the dichotomies as one, setting up a domino effect on the  flow of progression.

The once stranded caravanserai flows with the subtleties of movement and form, as the sloughed off skin is left to bake in the dunes of the past.

The encroaching strains of the violin float on a dust stained breeze, as the skin picks up it's allocation of goose bumps and all becomes vacuous in the supreme quietness of being.

A fedora's  silhouette, bombarded in the last rays of the sun, ushers in the essence of a willingness and urgency to seize each fragment, as if it were the last.

Walking the gilded path of opportunity, sustained in the truth of purpose, a fern gently sways it's arms of magnificent foliage,  touching  the holy grail of the essence of comprehension  of what is, as all else, pales into the ether of illusion.

The whispering wind is the constant companion, guiding, giving freely, sharing the intimacies of wholeness, for each one, that is willing to sense and hear.

A cry, a yearning......

Bemused & Expressed

Expressed and bemused wanderers stare out from behind the sheets of glass, as the moving lips exhibit a different story.

Close quarters , on the move and the armour is in place, holding together the emotionality and whatever dysfunctionality  seems to be present.

Roving, curious, disinterested, preoccupied eyes, all pass each other in the shell of their own vision and invincibility.

The wet leather head gear of life, sometimes starts to dry, shrinking in the light of perceptions and the extrapolating constrictions of emptiness, past the point of no return.

Hallucinating in the heat of the closed down world of self, the minute signs of magnificence all around, are missed in the head long charge over the abyss.

The safety net of relevance is vaporised as the curling clouds play voyeur to all below.

Dragon flies hover and dart, as the sunlight catches the luminosity and beauty of their creation.

Twittering parcels of joy share their moment of truth with all willing to be present.

Squawking crows collect themselves on the telephone lines, dressed in their finest formal attire while watching the passing parade.

Expressed and bemused, all vestiges of illusion have dissipated in the nakedness of the perspective moment of unadorned truth.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Closeted in the manifestation.......

Closeted elocution meanders it's way past the vestiges of mediocrity and obliviousness, garnering support across the lazy convoluted flow, whilst drawing strength from the awareness that shines and screams out with a passionate enthusiasm, unfelt and unseen in the chaotic maelstrom of preoccupation, which has moved itself as a fog bank, into the lives of all, whilst the senses slowly recover themselves and surrender to the experience of a final embrace of each moment, for every moment, where the tangibility of the experience is in the now.

Rising heat induces it's own  effects, as the the cage of warmth engulfs the organism in it's grip and relays a message of subtly through out.

The focus is adjusted through the lens of cause and effect, and the simplicity of what is, is lost in the myopic adjustments.

Bathed in a suite of colours muted in the perspective and mindset of greyness, as the circular revolving motion starts to leach and bleed the essence of magnificence once again.

Draped in the inconsistencies of an illusion, the words fall off the pages, as the books turn to dust, whilst the voices of wisdom float on the winds of change.

Resting on the bench of experience, the tiredness seeps from the bones, relegating itself as a pattern, on the slatted wood, creating an aura of clarity, brewing from the essence of a wandering intangibility, which seems to take on form as the dots are connected of their own volition.

Mustering a vision search through the wooden chest of childhood innocence, vulnerability, dreams and grasping the patterns that have promulgated themselves to this point of time, which holds no time, but the moment, of being present, in the now.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Sunday, August 31, 2014


Immersed in the cocoon of uncertainty, levelling the playing fields of certainty, creating the rift in the abyss of being.

Usurped into the prerogative of choices, washed with the cool draught of submission, whilst being latently stunted in the onset of what is not.

Streamed and reamed against the banks of the river, the residue collects, as the onset of the roaring voices booms through the subconsciousness, into  a reality, of the now.

Savouring the flavours and hooks of choices, firmly embedded in the psyche, whilst playing their games of prejudicial playback and consistently wondering about the ins and outs of the resulting manifestations.

Words float inwards, impaling themselves in the thoughts, rotating through a reticent reality  and harboured in a place,that has forgotten the techniques of letting go and embracing the welcoming surrender of serenity.

Lighting and filling the lost footsteps of the shadows, as the screeching crows lead the way across the forest of possibilities and opportunities.

Bursting forth through the scented pine needles and mosses, discovering an innate sensation that seems to flow with one's footsteps as the incline increases and the lungs screech for the air of clarity, which hovers like a rainbow on the path.

The flaccid willpower engages itself, digging deeper as a dual vision presents itself, looking at oneself, taking the steps, feeling the physicality and having the overview of all, as each step follows another.

The sun reflects off the gargantuan boulders, as the  lone figure, staff in hand, makes their way towards the approaching vision of oneself.

The light flourishes and celebrates all with it's intenseness, as the details disappear in the dazzling brightness.

Free flow from the depths and the immersion of a cocoon, which has opened itself to the elements and disgorged it's contents on a wilful engaged audience.

The eyes open and a smile spreads in the joyousness of all.


Singing the words between the lines

Feats of bravado.......

Feats of bravado sing their timely praises against the cement cinder blocks of time, standing in their cool loneliness on the beaches of an era, long since forgotten.

A lone silhouette stands on the rocks, casting for the next plate of food.

Wisps of smoke curl out of the whitewashed chimney, as the candles flicker in the window with an undulating expectancy.

The floorboards creak and groan with the the wind as the sandblasted pillars stand tall, replicating the columns of a temple  and the bleached wood opens the eyes to a pattern and patina, exposing itself to a quiet surrender.

Sea gulls squawk as they fly on their dogfight missions across the beach, whilst some drop muscles on the rocks, hoping to snack the tasty morsels.

A mist slowly rolls in over the petulant waves, keeping a low profile, it gently caresses the land with it's blanket of mystery and fills the voids of space and time.

It glows and expands the light, touched by the magic wand of romanticised novels, playing themselves out to their inevitable destiny, whilst any fear is exacerbated in the darkness of an overactive imagination, devoid of the intricacies of a moment, gormandised in the presence of a surrendered now.

In the cross hairs of frailty and strength, both merge willingly and consummately in a moment of gifted awareness, making it's way through the distended belly of a courage bathed in a swathe of uncertainty, and yet, mulled and forged into an extrapolation of mindful willingness and intention, held on by an inexplicable knowingness, of  the essence  of causality.

Extending oneself in a context of relevance and relativity, where a grail of harmony fleetingly exists in each and every moment that is chosen and allowed to infiltrate the barriers, raised and built to protect,, burying the fear in a place which has little capacity for holding onto something, which spreads it's toxicity so convincingly and expertly, in the conundrum of existence

The prevailing sanity is left to it's own mechanisms of survival and the choices of leading, being led or pushed are an interpretation of the perspective that is garnered through the senses, that are attuned to a flow, which, when found, illuminates the moment of being.

Washed with the warmth of another day, the moments are absorbed into a timelessness, ushering in an unfolding awe of an essence.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

In the city.......

Strains and melodies from the past float serendipitously over the cobbled heart of the city, caught in the flux of strangers, dropped into a different context and awed into submission.

Perky smiles warm the streets as the obnoxiousness of the exhaust fumes permeate the inhalation of all.

Prone canvas deck chairs line the boardwalk awaiting their slumbering occupants with hysterical anticipation, as the sun brightens itself over the gloating mass of marauding wanderers.

Denim and leather accelerate themselves through the dream factory of inked imagination as the constant buzzing  of the machines leave their indelible mark.

Walking masses await an explanation as the guides sprout their own intimate knowledge of what is, only to be translated and then lost in translation of what was.

Corridors, long since forgotten, break their eerie silence, as the burdened walls release their secrets and reveal the scar tissue, overlaid with  the crumbling morality of the oblivious.

Unexpiring  plastic quenches the thirst of the fast paced as they pick up speed, freeing their hands and leaving the containers spinning in the breeze.

Sirens scream and embezzle the sanctity of the late afternoon, as the workers leave their daily grind, to take on their mantles of responsibility and fun.

The exercise guru's sweat and pant while others exercise their skills of consumption across the thin line of reality and unconsciousness.

Surrendered to the darkness, the city instigates it's own throbbing and pulsating beat, until that to, fades into the oblivion of darkness.

Cities, in the dynamic flux and throes of change, sometimes wallowing in the shallows of their own demons and other  times fast paced in their ability to regenerate the decay and give new life to some, whilst others plod forward doing their one impression that they know best, caught in the conundrum and bear trap  of life.

Saturday, July 19, 2014


Sweeping gestures take themselves off at a tangent, walking the cobbled streets, covered with a diaphanous layer of moisture, as the watchers emerge from their cocoon of warmth and the individual glass facades are are lit up, to find their own bearings and chase away their nemesis of darkness, that has been a constant partner in their own mirrored facets of an illusion, long since moving from the darkness of conception to the light of arrival, taking their place in the struggle of a journey to cohabit a place and a space where the nature of the rules are not one's own and the parameters have to be stretched in order to discover a purpose and a truth of an extrapolated distortion of the holistic message, which has been bent and manipulated by the ego of the individual for their own benefit.

Hark ye all, who wonder aimlessly through the chaos of the confusion and do not persevere to discover the gift of self, graced in the gratitude of each inhalation of breath. 

Child Warrior.......

For the Child in all of us........                                                                                                                                                  For the Warrior in all of us.......

Sunday, July 13, 2014

The window at the tracks.......

The window tracking forward !

Eco Warrior

Eco Warrior

Perceptive grail.......

Caravanserai of Life.......

# 1

Cold shivers bask the skin, playing with their own harmonies, moving back and forth, as the goosebumps manifest and subside with the subtleties and showmanship, of a magician.

The wind moves through the trees like a silent warrior creating music with each leaf and every branch.

The ironies are not lost on those that are intrinsically linked, but apart, as the force of invisibility creates the reminder of a core essence, that is.......lost.

Clouds merge themselves on the jet stream, growing from the wisps and figments of imagination, to the rolling mass that lowers itself to the surface, blocking the sun and relaying it's images, across a wind swept sky.

Twirling,twisting and shape shifting, until mesmerised.

Lying in a field of mint, surrounded with the aroma, wafting on a whim, as the bees gently touch down on the mauve heads of pollen, with the beat of  staccato wings, reaching deep inside and releasing all.

Walking the invisible dusty roads at night, the aroma of roasted coffee beans entices the senses, as the strains of the violin break the silence of reverie.

A horse snorts and whinnies, as the spectacle of an open hearth fire pulsates, through the darkness and consciousness of the night.

A silhouette of a man shadow, dancing around the fire, projects fleeting images, of youth and old age, through  each  cycle.

The flames grow in stature, swaying from side to side, as the warrior strikes at the heart of the shadows, creating sparks that float up to the gods , like a sacrificial offering, signifying the ebb and flow of each moment of time, caught and surrendered.

The caravanserai of images play themselves out, unafraid and fearless, across a vista of opportunities, held in the crucible of the essence, of each moment, and of life....... itself.

Circular improvisations share their glory with a tail wind of  good fortune, unhesitatingly bemused, with the lack of fear, as the treadmill of perceptions widens it's scope.

Instigating the expanding spiral, maneuvering beyond the acceptance of the known,  and receiving, and inhaling, a vestige of the unknown.

Challenged changelings skim the tears of sorrow.

Energised mustering's pass the time of day, cooled in the shadow of a granite overhang, soothed with the trickle  of mountain water, and absorbed, in the moment of being.

# 2

The mouths of blank faces open and close with the sprouting words, which proliferate themselves at whim, into the orchids of the night, reveling and grovelling,  in the saw dust of indulgence.

Polished teak reflects the cracked floorboards with their  knotty orifices, infinitely sacrificial in their use.

Beams of sunlight pour through the slatted doors of alternatives, bathed in the possibilities of unusual perspectives and laden with the pregnant probabilities, of renewal.

Driven by the thirst of a warrior , seeking the elusive, coached by the repetitive  voice of the elders, inspired  by the challenge of being, and aided, with the eagle's sight, the puma's stealth, the wolf's cunning,  and the humility and fragility of a hummingbird.

Burning embers are swept up in dream time and light up, the playful shadows,  awash  with  the invisibility of connections,  seeped in the blood of sisterhood and brotherhood.

Laughter raises itself in cadence, as it echos through the heart and the canyons, of the mind.  

The tears of joy cascade through a willingness and intention of rejuvenation, as the charcoal smudging's fall and explode into the dust.  

Flowing swathes of white linen brace themselves across the dunes, welcoming the warrior, with  the breeze of adulation, as the drum beats, echo across the loneliness of the journey.

The blank faces ululate, in their own caverns of self absorption, only remembered, in the moment of focus.   

Fortified synapses relax their hold, as the form transmutes from solid to gas, spreading itself in the glory of all.

Cross referencing the previously ignored.

Masquerades and baubles drop into the brazier of opportunity, as the bodies of spent intention, sealed in a previous incarnation, move and stir, beginning the dance of truth, celebrating their own transition, as the sloughed of skins, drop into the vortex of another illusion.

The loins of envy and greed are churned into the misguided paths, slowly emulsified and mixed into the vat of sloughed off skins.

Memories ameliorate and fixate themselves in the sublime state of grace and gratitude.

The soft spoken words echo and resonate from the dream time of unconsciousness, to the real time, of each passing moment.

Flying over the edifices of progress and caught in the spotlight of our underlying calling, back to the root and essence of life.

Revisiting the well worn symbols of a past, intrinsically linked to a continuous stream of images, flashing their own symbols in the present, while the white washed walls of the future beckon in their own muted tones.

The caravanserai continues unabated,  in the light of truth and wholeness.

Saturday, July 12, 2014


on a Sacred Breeze.......

An orange light glides across the sky, without deviation, flashing and  then fading into an obscurity.

A smell, an aroma permeates one's occupied space, clinging to a distant memory, disappearing as suddenly, as it's arrival.

On a sacred breeze of stillness....... the words strain to be heard through the depth of hollowness and the capacity to remember the key, casting those overboard theories of sanity, of the moment, to the wind.

The seed pods surrender themselves to the environment, awaiting the wind to lift it on it's wings, like a dream in expediting it's mission.

Shadow like circles cast themselves into the ground, as the light plays through them, creating a stage to portray the reaction and the ultimate  harmony , in this balanced dance of life.

Shimmering stars sparkle and levitate across the waters in the cool embracing saltiness of the ultimate seduction, by the unceasing waves, which roll over themselves in a grandiose gesture of power and love.

A heart beats in the constants, of each moment, celebrating the ebb and the flow, of life and  existence itself, while the chambers work in the surrendered mode of unity and harmony.

To fight or to flow.
To be captivated by the fragmented pieces, slowly revolving in all directions whilst being brought together in the holistic patterns of the whole.

To hold on or to let go.
To escalate the perception and the differentiation, in the dissolution of the fragments, with an irreverent parting, of the emotional hooks chosen in the past.

To fly or remain immobile.
To be able to grasp the intrinsic essence and see beyond the illusion of what is, relegating the fear, mustering the courage too spread the gift with the wind, buffeting the flight of faith in oneself and all else.

Rolling red dust particles float on a breeze of good fortune.
Obliterating the blue sky, they arrive like gods on their thunder chariots, slowly descending on a follower awaiting transition.

The dust settles, creating an ochre mantle, dancing on a breeze of memories held in each particle.
The mantle takes on a energised life of it's own, flapping in the onrush of the lift.
Energised memories flood through, flowing and captured in each fiber of cellular network.

The Chinese man  stands in front of the cliff face saluting, as the red epaulets and golden star glimmer.

Three Vietnamese stand dwarfed in front of the Giant Buddha as the clouds swathe it's body, from the  midsection up , in the silkiness of a heavenly jacket.

Slowing down, floating in a wicker basket, a balloon like mass begs to free itself from the limiting viewpoint, gravitised by the perspective and perception.

Endless visions permeate and permutate, as the rolling thunder of horses crosses the plane with the intent and courage of one.

Floating visions of elephants, their heads rotating in 3D, slowly merging back to back, looking outwards and quietly disappearing into the mists of connections.

Slivers  of zest imbue the willingness, boosting the courage quotient and simplifying all to it's essence of magnificence.

Sweet attractive attention getting roses assail the nostrils, seducing the senses, in a headlong motivated run into their midst, floating from side to side, as their tusk like appendages pay homage to the skin, tearing  away the preconceptions, as the rivulets of the past echo the erubescent petals, holding themselves with a poise and confidence, in each brief moment of their life, until the inevitable cycle fulfills itself and the colours  fade into the clarity of pureness, and all, becomes quiet,  in the cycle of fantastical wondrous moments,  springing forth,   regaining momentum,  engaging in the stream of a raging bloodthirsty  torrent of water, spinning through the attics, dusty with the secrets of age, left in the clutches of forgetfulness or forced attrition, leading one to conclusions or images , floating on a field of lavender, never straying from whatever it is , or not, as the water flows in the veins, engaging the heart, floating the brain in an almost comical synergy, unseen, unknown, forgotten or left , under a tree as a gift. unwrapped as it skims over the checked picnic spread, revealing it's light, rendering all else into the obscurity of being, left and incorporated into  a dream of possibilities, of choices, wandering across, recognising the patterns, as the singing of the birds or the touch of the breeze, dancing, venturing forth, engaging the elements and seeing the vision of a garden, full of those erubescent rose buds and then the irresistible pull, stumbling through the petals as the visions return.

Under the grey skies of slothfulness, the shimmering emotions float in a void, caught in a moisture vortex which streams down in the rivulets of energised cleansing  as the body moves and spins in the age old cycle of dance, blurring what was, into a moment of blissful glory, whilst all fades into an oblivion, unfettered in it's own rendering of exceptionality, which pervades the senses and spreads it's wings, supported with the gasps and cries of all those who resonate and are prepared to surrender to the last vestiges of the spark, which was long forgotten in the onrush of an illusion, laid down and extrapolated through a moment, under the skies of grayness.

Disparate voices echo through the corridors, dank and musty, reeking with the exploits of history, as the coded helix of life plays itself out, in the black and white movie of perpetuity.

The tangibility drones across a vapid sky, translating itself into a form of comfortability, as they surprise and startle in their newness, appealing to an infinite illusion of identity and then gently in slow motion, take a back seat in that well worn leather armchair of safe predictability, forgoing the emotions of excitement, fear and anticipation, whilst the intagibilities strike at the heart, embedding themselves in the parallels of understanding and comprehension, dredging the emotions that are able to challenge the status quo, whilst standing in the darkness  of the uncomfortability, awaiting a swarm of bees to alight on the skin, creating new sensations, pricking the consciousness of being and finally enabling a reconciliation of a truth, long since forgotten, standing fearless on the dawn of an extrapolation of time and space, in the continuum of just being.

Dredging through the perceptions of reality, in the hope that the nuggets of essence will be trapped  in a framed sieve of current perception, whilst all exists in that moment.

The elemental viscosity of a reconciliation, leveraging itself across a gaping chasm, holding itself in a vice grip, venturing forth against the backdrop of dis-functionality and fear, whilst crossing the uneven stony terrain of perception, sometimes lacking in the intuitive essence of a knowingness, and still, the turmoil sweeps away a moment, of sublime harmony.

Layers of feathered harmonies seep into the present consciousness, gently extracting   their presence and fortuitously providing the gift of a jeweled sequence.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Through the arches.......

Stopping , taking note through the hallowed arches of introspection


A rise to the surface, pulling away the cobwebs of a dream and simultaneously holding onto them, like shards of a crystal, starting to shatter into their many facets.

The voices repeat themselves whispering truths, exclaiming themselves in a toned drawl of words, over and over.

Skimming across the many faces, some familiar and others, which morph as the attention lingers.

Walking across the field effortlessly in a gusting wind whilst the path path unfolds in the direction it needs to take.

Night owls appear in their own shadow of darkness, watching, blinking and ever alert to the movements.

Eagles , hawks and falcons permeate the air and the imagination with their presence, creating the down draft ahead which parts the grasses    showing the path and the way ahead.

The talons touch the shoulder seemingly lacerating the skin without drawing blood as they soar with the flaccid skin  of the body, time after time, slowly exposing the essence of what is, without the built up facades.

Approaching a house with a gate and no path.

Filled with roses, perfumed with the air of expectation.

The washing line holds the pegged skins of the multiple personalities of self.

The keeper of the house rests on the porch.

The wolf like orbs pierce through the veils and stir the memories.

Sitting and watching the darkness approaches.

Candle light flood the portals  of the house as the door gently swings open.

Stepping inside, the light brightens and the warmth causes a drowsiness of peace. 

Succumbing to sleep the light travels and becomes fainter in it's own brightness.

Finally, the cobwebs dissappear and the journey continues.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Shimmering & Harnessing.......

Shimmering heat reflects off the pathways that snake their way through the unattended growth as the metallic ribbons of liquid mercury play host to the hostile shores of bamboo and vine.

The floating plant bobs up and down in the current as the tactile sensitive root system reconnoiters for an attachment and a birthing space.

Skulls hinged and inlaid with miniature replicas play host to the sacred nectar of a ceremony, seeped in the lore of alchemy and mystical privilege.

The carved stone cylinders dwarf those who are able to cast their gaze upon them and  in turn , they rotate and sing.

Hot dolomite boulders perch precariously on a hill as the dried grass sings in the wind, while the cicada are steadfast,resolute and consistent to the whole ensemble.

Falcons swoop and glide through the shimmering heat, playful in the arc of flight, deadly  in their gaze and  rapid descent.

The makoro gently slips through the watery pathways of the Delta, mesmerising  in the gifted glide of it's thrust , as the pole ripples the water, in it's journey forward.

The senses of the oarsman are finely tuned and honed to the natural rhythms of the earth  as his eyes pierce the reeds as the gentle vibrations of his song harmonise with all around.

A flighted passenger alights on the front of the makoro, catching a respite and free passage upstream, while the gentle thrashing in the bottom of the boat continues with the open and closing of the gills and the mouths, whispering and bearing silent testament to a life lived, on the edge.

The wearied legs of the mustached monocled gentleman comes to rest on a wicker cushioned chair as the fan rotates overhead and the ice cracks and melts in the tall glass, squeezing the lemon in the process.

Creaky floorboards strain and groan under the obese footsteps of corpulent linen suits, sweaty stained brows, collars and the grubbiness of grease stained pockets and slightly threadbare crotches, from the chafe, of ambulatory motion.

The chainsaws scream out as their actions, echo through the emptiness  falling within its vice like grip, destroying  all, as the forests falls for profit.

Cut saplings , oozing with their unctuous moisture form the frame for a ceremonial dwelling, dressed and sealed with  gentle palm fronds.

A closed circuit atmosphere steams and is smoky with the hypnotic   aroma which permeates the dwelling.

In the silence, the only sound is the hiss and sizzle of the water dousing the hot rocks and the fire being stoked by the keeper of silent dreams.

The internal reality of the hut and the insights of the mind start to blur as all becomes an energised cocoon.

The frame glows and luminesces as the physical body rests and the spirit breaks the bounds of the shell and soars through the portal in the roof and beyond the playground of mere mortals.

Each fragment of flora and fauna resonate withe whole.

In awe of the merging colours and luminosity, the journey continues.

Deftly from the animated and living, fused to the inanimate and living.

The boulders and the rocks are restful and quiet, understated and offering sanctuary in the slow vibrations of their state.

In the core is the essence of the whole, subtlety merged with all.

Even in it's beauty and offering, the test of being swept away with it's quietness, succumbing to the life of escape, thinking of the panacea, vibrating to the dull  emptiness, pervading through the illusion, finding the place of wholeness

The longer the submergence, the more extended  the journey is.

Is the acceptance of this modality held  up for derision, or is it a relinquishing of the obligation of a purpose which is yet to unfold?

A straw broom stands proud in the corner, awaiting a gracious hand to flow in the dusty courtyard, yearning to ingratiate itself with a breeze on it's debarked skin, remembering the graceful touch when it was attached and could hear the bristling wind through it's own essence.

The moments transpire and extrapolate themselves as it is shaken and jolted free ,graced with the motion until pieces of straw fall away in slow motion, alighting on the hard sand and being picked up and placed in a pocket.

The pieces collect until the proud shaft is left motionless and the hands hold onto all the bristles, lost in a reverie of emotion and loss, whilst the yard kicks up it's own dust storm in the prevailing winds.

Stopping, starting
In the abyss of reverie
Bats fly through the darkened swallowing tunnel
Colours are swept into a vortex
Soaring above the vineyards
Procrastinating the moment
Vilifying the thrusting energy,that pervades

All is still
The milliseconds run their course
Breaths of the inhalation
Send paroxysms of shudders

In the slow onrush, the body is limp
Complete surrender
Floating an energised stream
The avatar sparks to significance

A sea of images
Embrace a clouded sky
Whip themselves into a frenzy

In a whispering breeze of change
Cauterised networks of patterns
Begin to flourish
Imbibing the zeitgeist
Arms extended, palm open
The intangibility of the flow
become tangible

A trapeze artist lets go, somersaulting
Into the arms of sweet surrender

Floating baskets 
Technicolor dreams
Imbued vivacity
With the tenacity and expedience

A moment's moment
Extrapolated with the gift
An explosive breath 
Venturing forth
Salivating through the lavender grasses
Sharing the spoils
Harnessing the focus
In a timeless day glo embrace of note

Absorbing and expediting the sun's rays
Immersed in the coolness 
of a thousand petal lotus pond
with the heavenly scent

Drifting on a breeze of dreams
Heralded in with the wind chimes of the heart
Pounding ferociously under a protected barrier

Ululating chasms echo the subtleties of camaraderie
Hawks dogfight their way
through the undulating dichotomies of shadow and light
Trees whip their branches back, surrendering in applause

Harnessing  the tactile effervescence of each moment
Relinquishing all else

An evolutionary palette of colours
A revolutionary epic of being