Thursday, October 15, 2015

Night time ruminations.......

The room fills itself with an incandescence
Heads of roses shake their petals
Spreading the energised colour of the heart

A caged lit candle
Holds it's taper upright
Ignoring the bars
It's gratitude spreading outward
Unto an infinity of possibilities

Words of gravel
Amuse themselves
disappearing underfoot

Oppressive glass walls  
In their own apparition
Occupants succumb or fly

The Welwitschia dies 
Living many lives

The offspring of the mind
Multiply in their own creativity
Venturing forth

Walk about over the precipices of choice
Cantilevering the pivot
Trust and surrender
Grace and gratitude
enraptured in a singular moment

Holding the beating heart of life
Recognition with each beat
The frailties of vulnerability
A warm embrace
Wild grasses shudder
with their shivering

The darkened face of infinity above
Sparkles with the diamond clusters
An expansive expanding universe

the cotton wool face mask 
of floating moisture

Irreverent lanterns
illuminate the sallow path

Casting the future 
into the present

Rapturous in the descension
Illuminated in the ascension

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