Thursday, October 15, 2015

The moment.......

Abominations stir themselves through the syrupy vista of a present, sculpted and feted as the reality of choice.

The struggles that strangle and asphyxiate the ideals of dreams , overwhelms the focus in the run up, as the run off dilutes the permanence of the vision.

In the awakening moments of the ambulatory movement, the light headedness permeates the being in it's headlong rush, as the rays of light enthuse and suffuse themselves through a hologram of reality, embraced in the shimmer of auric relevance.

Metastasised stimuli break their own barriers, travelling the flow of attraction to the leaking essence from the cracked flaws of fear.

Silence, opens the road of discovery......

Disgorged from the pools of shadow, the emanating light overwhelms all, playing joyously with the textures on it's path.

A plumed chest extends it's capacity beyond the ingrained patterns of thoughts , that had eroded the originality of the innate essence.

The sweet plumes of wood smoke rise above, challenging the optic nerves in their vivacity of the stream of images that emanate from the subconsciousness of being.

Doused hessian bags ignite themselves in their moment of weakness, as the emanations continue, shamelessly bold, bolstered with the courageous intentions that have reappeared from the cloak of shadows into the intensity of light.

Swept across the granite edifices, the muscles relax , as the vision broadens  it's scope, in a fast forwarded tunnel of being, as the the intricacies and the weave of the fabric of life intensify in their magnification and scrutiny, whilst the plethora of images ply their way through a vacuum of a moment of clarity.

Imbibing the wanderlust and enthusiasm of an adventurer, seeing with the child like eyes of innocence, as the vista of perception graces itself with a magnificence of originality, free from the jaded and programmed conundrums of heresy, whilst the overwhelming reverberations of each breath are revered , in the ultimate alchemy, pursued and manifested in the headlong rush of extrapolation.

Harmonies reverberate themselves through the chasms of a vessel, seeded with purpose , graced with an innate ability to disseminate a vision beyond what is seen and driven through the shadowy forest of light, above the din of the voices , of the murmuring crowds, as the resonating obligation of creation makes it's play , taking hold , and overwhelming , with a sense of urgency .

Plunged into the code of the warrior, as the massed hordes begin their charge , thundering across the plains, on their steeds of purpose , whilst the saffron robes flight themselves in the winds of change.

The moment is now......

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