Thursday, October 15, 2015

Momentary odyssey.......

Soaring ever so high through the vacuity of space.
Dismembered in the diminishing air flow.
Disjointed through the swirling perceptions.

An electric field sparking it's own filaments.

Gambling on throwing the intuitive dice.

The flayed skin of memories
Burning and smoking.

Distinguished flames 
Lower their sights
Grovelling in the hearth 
of their own embers

Enhanced survival
to the core

A breeze awaits
Splaying their magical currents
Re invited
as they burst into flames

Regurgitated flotsam burns bright
Creating it's own firmament of invincibility
Flexing it's muscle
through the obesity of an illusion

Singled out
A grain of sand 
blends with it's compatriots
in it's own magnificence
Moving across the great divide

Uncovered relapses fade serenely
into the oblivion of the night

Die hard dreams resurface
with the rippling continuity

A crust of bread falls to the forest floor
Awaiting discovery

A warriors heart pulsating in the palm of his hand
strides through the humility of his own being

Porcupine quills embellish the leaves with their salutations
Offering signs and markers
as the flow of the feet find their own unique individual rhythm

A mirrored like wall convinces and demands the self
and ponder the self
Have a conversation
with the truth of the illusion.

The hot warm glow of a heated element
Shining as a beacon
On an odyssey
in a moment

Held in the shadowless grasp and warm embrace
An eternity of being
Unmasked to the crossbeams of a manifestation
Extrapolating itself in the free flow
of the gentle breeze of transformation

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