Monday, October 19, 2015

Filaments of light.......

A lighter than air invincibility permeates and resonates through the cross hatched multi dimensional vista, that vacillates with the movement of the body, in a flight across it.

A flick and a twist of the wrist, as the cord takes on a life of it's own , galloping across the spaces of infinity.

The golden weave echoes it's subliminal origins, breaking the sound barrier on it's onward journey.
Consummate pedigrees slide in and out of their own self made boxes, venturing forth from the known, into the unknown, whilst others move their boxes in the impossible task of gaining true perspective.

Filaments of light appear at will in the most unexpected places, garnering the thought processes, and guiding it's direction, that defies the parameters of an expected choice.

The willingness of the ambulation and the courage of the intention, graced with a gratitude bathed and pampered in the dualities of what is , underscores the leap of faith in the flight across the abyss.

Tunnelling an energised possibility, through the dream scape of probabilities, the essence of what is, brings the resonation of the raucous laughter that permeates all in it's path.

A circle hewn into the well worn granite extends itself from the inanimate to the animate, capturing the homogeneous camaraderie as it is released from the talons of the hawk, on it's journey of revelation and discovery, soaring through the realms of imagination into the essence of being.

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