Friday, October 16, 2015


Flushed with the presence 
surrounding the footsteps of a journey
Coached and castigated through the process 
with the evolving spark of continuity

A hovering gesticulating mass 
disappears into an ether 
of extrapolation and manifestation
Playing the numbers 
as the letters appear
Stretched across a vista of the unknown

A landscape of shadow dance
playing with each other
in the stillness of a breeze

Flashes in the darkness awaken the flood of memories
Pouring through the puzzle pieces of the sky
held in the firmament 
of a twinkling, dazzling brightness
in a journey of the past

The strands of silky connectedness 
grow in the sallowness of the earth
Spreading their unpretentious truth
in the awe of what is

A dance of gracefulness plays itself out
on all who resonate
with the intangibility of wholeness
lest their true purpose be cast
on the heaps of illusion
in the mirrors of what is

Towering granite obelisks pierce the imagination
and the veils of conscious awareness
Lifting the subtle intangibility
past the duality
Into the realms of arcane knowingness

Flushed continually with the footsteps
Playing themselves out in a rhythmic dance
of intention and courage

A visionary swirl of movement
swallowing each moment
in it's entirety

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