Monday, October 19, 2015

The inkling of magnificence.......

Layers of inked skin peel away, as the same design appears underneath, whilst the flesh is luminescent in it's pulsating diaphanous form.

Sacred ferns stirs the air with their gentle hypnotic movements.

Assailing dampness creeps through the bones, cloaking the skin and stirring olfactory memories.

Dismembered charred wood, breaks the landscape in form , as it's shapes play under the canopy of the resilient forest.

In the awakening depths of slumber. the hand moves upwards, grabbing at the cool breeze, as the muscles contort, clutching at the darkness of the night, whilst the energy flows through the distorted claw ,  into the sleeping body it rests on.

A night sky , filled with promise of freedom , transforms itself by the shimmering moonlight.

The sweet smell of magenta blossoms, mixed with the scent of bitter orange , cross the boughs of the sentinels trees, as the warm air vacillates through the valley of dream like moments.

Raw concrete dwellings, slice through the stillness of an azure sky, awaiting transition , as the dusk creeps it's weary way , across the splendours of a forgiving grace and gratitude.

Strains of melodic violins course their way through the ribbons and junctures of form and space , entering the crypt of the heart, illuminating the darkness of silence.

Night blooms open up their arms and their essence to the singing wind , which caresses and urges them to release their opulent all embracing scent.

Vigilant unsung heroes walk the paths, step by step , embracing the dynamics of change, garnering the true essence of their own humanity , as the idyllic safe haven of the mind, is taunted and tested , in the serenity of chaos , graced with a gratitude of upliftment.

Slingshots of illusion fire their broadside across the realms of the imagination , undiminished in their serene intensity.

Exaggerated exacerbations  stir the syrupy threads of identity beyond the pale, merging into a holistic manifestation and extrapolation of wholeness.

Merged and consolidated in an aura of greatness, solidified in the intangibilities that are magnified , through the plethora of differences held in a crucible and  locked into a void of expanding space , and finally , only reaching an inkling, of the magnificence of all

Effervescent mortality lurches, throwing it's shoulders back, raising it's eyes skyward and begins to embrace the mechanism of joy, as the eyeballs roll around in it's head , and the raucous laughter, crescendo's into the infinity of the night

Stars flicker in the sanctity of a vacuum, cradling the nigh to the whispering sentience of stardust, as all it's secrets are buried in the depths of slumber.

Glass salamanders hold their positions on the rock face, becoming the sparkling beacons, for the waylaid travellers and seekers.

Voice whisper, as the wave patterns resonate and extrapolate themselves across the distant shores of a landscape, held in the weave of an epic dream scape.

The wind paws it's way across the colourful material weathered flags, as it's invisible tendrils clutch , grab  , and for infinite moments hold on, and then, surrender themselves to their awaiting directional destiny.

Dancing in the free flow, the flapping wings cross the burnt red peace, redeemed and whole once again.

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