Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Excavating the concentricity.......

Candle light purveys it's sense of traditionality
Gently nurturing the darkness
Playing fortuitously with the shadows
Enhancing the perspective
Greeting the depths of the invisibility
with gratitude

Swooning clouds
Juxtapose themselves
Against an irreverent sunset
Radiant erubescence touching the invisible

Moss like undergrowth
Sutures itself through the skin
Webbed toes
Relish in the clarity underfoot
Clear streams of liquid joy
in the elemental constituents
Shaking the attachments
Remembering the involution
The beginning
with the circle of all

Pulsating it's way across an infinity
Superimposed with the speck of self
Spanning a galaxy
of quivering, pulsating jewels
Excavating the concentricity  of being
Expediting the dispersal mechanisms
Nature held high
In the palm of one's hand

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