Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Vacuous spaces.......

Turning around
To face the shadow of self
Emptying the bucket of emotions
Watching as they follow their natural course
Evaporating in the mind set of a sweet surrender

Graced with a gratitude
An awakening moment
In transition
A collected basket
Flowing in it's own abundance

Standing on the brink of change
An alchemy of transformation
Trusting the innate guides
Extrapolating the gifts
Believing in the knowingness
Flowing with the course
Exasperated moments
Almost forgotten
Melding into life

Embellished and covert intentions
Grind themselves
Surreptitiously exposing
their hidden agenda's
In the guise of anonymity

Vacillating winged flight
A headwind of opportunities

Challenged through the vacuous spaces of an eternity

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