Monday, April 25, 2016

The cyclic roundabout........

The cold concrete is warmed with the colours of a street artist, creating a vibrancy and resonation with all who pass.

The piercing black hematite  eyes of the eagle follow the passer by, as the butterflies float across the wall, in their own resplendent  transformative swathe of colours.

The surrounding trees shimmer and shake themselves free from the shackles, as the warm breeze embraces them on their journey.

The prone supine body rests as the coverings of cotton slowly slide onto the tiled floor, whilst the flowing warmth of the water embraces and encapsulates, in a dream world of images.

Pressed ceilings rich with their absorbed history capitulate themselves and dissolve into the brightness of the night sky, laden with the sparkling jewels of a universal magic.

Through the void of spiralling emptiness appear the birds of song, to guide and dissappate the negativity of an illusion.

Fractal images garner their strength and colour, dispersing themselves through the gaps of memory and being.

In the quiet dissolution of surrender, the abyss of darkness transforms itself into a bridge of light, forever a reminder of the sanctity and wholeness of the choices of venturing forth into the unknown.

Manipulative forces impose their views in the heresy of hearsay and fear, and yet, the avenues of choice still remain in the awareness and integrity of self.

False hope stands on the pedestal of life, preaching of the old repeated tomorrow , of yesterday.

Stained glass windows and laughing children resonate with each other in the vivacity and enthusiasm of life.

Ingrained patterns appear and disappear in the vacuousness of perspectives, held as the perfect truth, in the concrete blocks of awareness and perception.

The natural rhythms of the flow and ebb continue on the cyclic roundabout,undeterred in their own magnificence.

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