Sunday, June 28, 2009



Touching the essence of life
Moment by moment
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Robin Easton said...

"Touching the essence of life
Moment by moment"

I love this one as it SO describes the the place I am in, in my life right now. It is something I am so aware of, something that I am living so fully right now.

This place feels very intimate, between me and Life, moment by moment, no more, no less.

It is a magical, unknown and mysterious place to be. Because I am not clinging to anything. I am letting myself be vulnerable, unknowing, wide open. Letting myself let go of things that appear to give security, but only place barriers between me and the vast Unknown.

I am living moment to moment with no safety net, nothing in stone, feeling my way, groping in darkness that speaks intimately to me because I listen...and then finding the sweet light in the darkness, light so sweet it makes me weep because it feels untouched and solely mine.

Thank you dear Derick. This made my whole morning.

derick said...

Glad to have made your morning--
Connectivity beyond the limits of time and space--
namaste friend