Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Journey of Beating Hearts.......

Standing alone
Together in a Que
With no one around

A gallery of life
Exuding the viscosity's of living
The lulling rocking motion
A vessel
Seemingly at rest

Inundation of stimuli
Varied responses
Catatonia revisited

A movement
An up pended emotion
A dubious feeling of desire
with the hollowness of the illusion

A grappling with the dualities
A misunderstanding of the dichotomies
An inward quest
Implosive in it's nature
in it's outward journey

A curiosity
A willingness to pioneer
A bypass
An altered perception

Reaching into the chest cavity of life
A sojourn
Through the illusions of the mind
A murmur of movement
On the fingertips
A forward momentum

The beating heart
In the palm of the hand

A recognition
A surrender

The heart flows
Held tightly
In the palm
An outward journey
Held aloft

Both hands
Hold onto
The beating heart
An altered reality
An apparent truth

The duality of the illusion
The misconception of the dichotomy
Into the ether

The wholeness
The authenticity
Truth in action


bARE-eYED sUN said...

hey friend,

its been a while.

remember now why we follow.
its rough reading, but there's an elusive quality to your writing, not the simplistic, usual pablum of the blogoSphere.

yet, frankly, can't put finger to it.

will return. :-)

thank you,


derick said...

Hi, it has been a while on both sides.
It is a first to know that what one writes is rough--but I do know what you mean.
When you do place your finger on it --let me know
Take care