Sunday, May 24, 2009



The femine intuitiveness
Through the realms of nature
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Jan 4 Insight said...

This is so beautiful!

bARE-eYED sUN said...

Derick, yer still rockin'! :-)

this was VERY good, methinx.

thanks for the post


derick said...

Jan 4 Insight
Thank you and glad that it is appreciated

derick said...

I feel more that I am cooking
I thank the muses for the inspiration
Take care

Teresa Silverthorn said...

Beautiful this!

derick said...

Very soothing on the eye--
These pix are special to me!

Robin Easton said...

I find this profoundly beautiful and feminine. Intimately so It speaks to me of great peace, knowing and mystery...and all on a lever so deep that many would not even see it let alone ever feel it. And yet the woman (or man) feeling it does not care whether it is seen or not because at this point they have BECOME it. They have merged and live in another world. And what a beautiful world it is.

WOW, that just came out of me and now I have tears in my eyes. I guess if I am honest I of speak of myself. And I think I speak of you as well. And...all others who live this.

Thank you my dear friend. I have been touched by great beauty today. Hugs, Robin

derick said...

I thank you for your insights into what I write and I cannot claim to have seen what you see as I let all flow out in the moment and on a deeper level I have tried to balance the essence of what and who I am by being open.
As much as understanding the why is analytical, the manifestation is the assimilation and the surrender which gives one that wholeness and peace.
Thank you
Namaste friend
Take care
Touching one other human being is the blessing and the illumination.