Sunday, July 13, 2008

the splash

inwards the vortex
outwards to infinity

intention & choice
determine direction
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gypsy-heart said...

This looks like a beautiful rose to me...or the energy of "within" which are one and the same as the rose for me. :)

All of your words are beautiful paint with your words and I believe you are an old soul.

Good and creative energies to you!

Rinkly Rimes said...

I like a random approach to Blogging so I like yours. And I'm pleased to meet up with a South African. We used to live in Somerset West, and we returned to Capetown for a holiday last year. I now live in Australia.

I'm new to blogging so I'm scouting around.

My Blog is

Rinkly Rimes


derick said...

the artistry of this was originally captured by the person that made this pice of glass.
when i saw them i was captivated --the swirls of colour resonate with me.
i thank you for the compliment--i was always told i had an old head on young shoulders and then i grew up and eventually interpreted life through my own senses.
being creative is a path and a way of life.

Songo said...

Derick your blog is an interesting trek to the endless!
I will add the link to, my blog in English
Thanks for your comm at songomusik

derick said...

thank you for popping by.
the strangest thing---coincidence--if you really believe in it---is that your grandsons names--my grandfather was Harry and my great grandfather was Max--2 out of 3--no Blake

derick said...

a trek it certainly is--seeing that the origin of the word trek is South African and the expansion is always endless--aimed at infinity.
thank you