Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Flaming Goddess.........

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Through the flames of purification
All is a possibility
A cleansing of the essence of self


gRACE said...


It reminds me yet again of the Phoenix Effect, and how the purest gold comes after careful refining.

Thank you. I feel like I've been in the fire so much in the last few years that I ought to be a crispy critter by now! lol

Mich said...

Wow. This sings to me ... it takes me back ...

derick said...

thank you--what is really Fantastic is our ability to rebound and have the malleability of molten metal and yet retain the properties that are most important to our ultimate survival.

you could never be a crispy critter even if you wanted to--that is definately not your destiny.
the browner you get on the outside from the heat of the flames, the more you are able to regenerate yourself on the inside.
take care

derick said...

it has been a while--i hope that life is now singing to you.

you leave me in anticipation.....where is the "back" that it take you to.
enjoy the dance of light

Leo Cheung said...

oh my god where to find those photo and you have nice poem.

derick said...

leo cheung,
thanks for the visit!
all the images on my blog are taken by me--some are straight and others are a canvas to create something else.
thank you