Sunday, July 13, 2008

seeds of dreams & destiny

Enabling oneself through necessity or choice.
Taking the next footfall is a conscious choice.
When it is not a conscious effort, then the awareness levels of synchronicity should be observed.

Between the conscious and the unconscious subconsciousness lie the veils of self empowerment and enlightenment.

The willingness to know oneself is a start.

This is not the reflection of the outside, which has been manipulated into being for self protection and survival.

The outer core has been layered with the programming of social circumstance and emotional content,

The inner core holds the essence and the light of who we truly are.

What we are is pure light energy placed in a vehicle.
A cyclical vehicle of nature like the seasons.
The opportunities to grow in this vehicle rely on the choices that we make.

We do not have everything in our control,but what we do have are the faculties of the mind to perceive what we experience in a unique way.

It is up to us to translate what we are from matter into the spiritual and then back again to matter.

We are always in a dynamic transition.
We evolve and then we have periods of being motionless and then we devolve, only to reappear and evolve once again.

We are the helix in our own lives, like a strand of DNA.

We are the seeds of our own dreams and destiny

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