Saturday, July 26, 2008

In the Coolness of the Darkness............

In the coolness
In the darkness

The flickering flames
A lost memory
A feeling
An upended joyousness
Buried in the deep

Crisscrossed through
The seasons of life
An embedded sensation
In it's own essence
Held in a void
Glossed over with
A patina of neglect

Trickling slowly
Drop by drop
The awareness
A forgotten truth
A lost reality
Seeping through
The porosity of self

A willingness exuded
On the bedrock of immobility

A sensing of change
An imminence
An alternative disposition
Looming large
Growing tall
Flying high

Extensions pervade
Gratitude and bliss
Wholeness and unity

In the coolness
In the darkness
Embracing lost memories
In the flickering flames
Flowing freely

A moment of oneness
A moment of wholeness

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