Sunday, July 6, 2008

discarnate discourse

in other realms
in other dimensions
the discarnate discourse continues
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gypsy-heart said...

Loved all of your images and your words! I couldn't decide where to comment, but I kept coming back to this one..powerful it is!!

I see faces everywhere, in fact I plan to post about images in a tree soon.

I rarely include a link on someone else's site, but I think you might like this image. :) It is from a series I did called Secrets/yellow Moon. It reminds me of the image in your leaf...connections???

Your words are quite beautiful..and not of this world.

Good and creative energies to you!

Kalliope said...

This is beautiful magic!

RainforestRobin said...

Ah yes, beautiful....and many forget this.

The discarnate are all around me all the time. Touching me, speaking to me. I only need listen and I see them, feel them, hear them and AM them. They are me. There is no other for me. No time. No distance. No separation.

derick said...

thank you it --this image literally appeared out of the ether!
i took a look at your link--the mind boggles with all the people and the animals there!

"Your words are quite beautiful..and not of this world."
thank you
take care

derick said...

thank you for seeing the magik and appreciating it.

derick said...

thank you--i know that you have been to the places i write about!
all is one

Grace said...

((( Derrick )))

I'm SO sorry I haven't responded to your kind note of concern! :) Just saw that you had been by my blog, and saw what was going on...THANK YOU, dear friend, for your thoughts and wisdom. It is very much treasured and appreciated.

Hope you are well and thriving in your part of the world! Your images and thoughts are amazing, as always...and so full of TRUTH!


derick said...

there is no need to be sorry----i realise that you have been quite involved in other things.
i am well and being creative and extending myself on the learning curve of life!eleven months of blogging has certainly added to my perspective, appreciation and gratitude.take care