Saturday, April 25, 2009



Sometimes the most difficult conversation to initiate
is the one
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Robin Easton said...

I find this one so otherworldly. In a deep way that touched me. I know so well that coming face to face with one's self. Although I do know that it can be hard for some people, maybe many (considering the state of the planet) but I find it the sweetest thing that exists. I always feel as if I have "come home". I have. So ever since my life in the rainforest I seek out connection with self, I seek out the path that leads me "home". For me there is no sweeter experience. I not only touch my own ancient soul, I touch all of existence. And I am moved to tears. I am safe. I am loved.

Thank you my friend. I know you understand. Hugs, to you. Robin

PS Work has pretty much kept me from blogging and all commenting. But I wanted to stop in and see you. :)

derick said...

The space beyond the illusion---touching the essence of all creation!
Thank you for taking the time as I know that your time is extremely limited--
I appreciate it
Take care
namaste friend

Robin Easton said...

It's so weird I came back to your site today and have been reading/feeling/seeing several other posts, BUT this image keeps drawing me in. I think it speaks to me of infinite tenderness and compassion. The way these two figures make me feel is EXACTLY how I feel when I am in communion with myself. Which is almost all the time. There is SUCH a sweetness, an infinite tenderness that I feel. I first came to know this when I was in the arms of my mother in the rainforest. My first true solid knowing of mother and unconditional love. Simply being there 'with' her rearranged my DNA and imprinted my soul with her all pervasive compassion, with her deeply intimate love.

Thank you Derick. This is a wonderful was to start my work day.
Take care.

PS I absolutely loved your nature photos and email. I agree there is nature IS. :)

derick said...

hi Robin,
it always amazes me the power of images--especially those that do not shock first and anesthetise later.
Glad you had a great start to the day.
namaste friend