Saturday, August 22, 2009

An Exisistential Sunrise.......

A sunrise beckons the moment of calm, as the early morning rays penetrate the essence of one's own aliveness.

The sheath of one's own perceptions and life are pushed and pressured away, forcing the essence of what is, to become apparent, in a manifestation of selfless consciousness.

Each resonation of conscious surrender produces a ripple effect of intensity and cyclical reciprocity.

The logic and sensibilities of the norm fall away into obsolescence as the aura of wholeness and truth prevail themselves, not as the alternate, but as a moment which has surpassed all the moments of fear and doubt.

The crystal clarity and the feeling of knowingness is not one to relegate to some obscure memory.

This is the bifurcation point of all laser like intentions and fulfills the ultimate purpose of existence.

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