Saturday, August 22, 2009

Beyond the finiteness.......


Holding the finiteness of one's mortality
in one hand
and celebrating the infinite
In the other
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Robin Easton said...

Hi dear Derick,

This is one that I resonate with so strongly that I actually write about it in the book I just finished. Not in the same way that you write about it here and yet it is the same.

At the age of twenty-five I chose to hold both Life and Death in my hands. Embracing the finiteness of Death inspired me to embrace the totality of Life, to not waste it.

Death is a powerful guide and adviser who, if we let it, will encourage the most profound and pithy soulful Life.

Hugs to you my friend.
I enjoyed this one immensely.
Robin :)

derick said...

Thank you--A guide that more shoulld embrace for what is !!!