Monday, December 20, 2010

Riding the step at a time

Riding the crest of the wave at terminal velocity whilst spinning in the vortex.
Manipulating each vestige of energy, in the microseconds, before coming to a halt in the sand embankment of a different reality.
Experiencing the emotions of change, as each molecule communicates it's message in the blink of an eye.
A time  to re evaluate, as the breeze of self doubt momentarily crosses one's path.
A reactive knee jerking, to the barrage of questions, without answers, swims across a space of self indulgence.
The sun tips it's hat as the minutes turn into hours,while the residues of what are not are regurgitated and expelled.
Looking at the whole image ,without the look back in distress.
Each moment presents it's own opportunities and revelations.
The time of skipped beats disappears, as the new momentum is sought and the foothold in the now ,of each moment, is regained.
A new crest appears, as the adrenalin rush mounts, creating a new moment of wholeness and the spinning vortex loses itself in the white water of the now.............

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