Sunday, September 12, 2010

Breathless shuffling.......

Shuffling forwards
Standing on the brink
In breathless anticipation

A mind's eye view
through the asphalt jungle

Myriad signals
Criss cross

Harmony in the silence

A cross road of choice
An obligation to fulfill
Witnessing the fear
In the faith o knowingness

Bare feet sink slowly into the ground, as the soil seeps through the toes, oblivious to any discomfort, while the shovel of destiny moves the granules away from the core, outwards.

The echo of one shovel striking the ground reverberates and resonates to all others.

Mesmerised by the sounds, the external patterns disappear and are replaced.

Forward and breathless
Energised and adrensalised

The next crest beckons
Shifting in the anticipation of breathlessness

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