Saturday, September 4, 2010

Prevailing Veils.......

The thinnest of veils
in the separation
in the belief of
fact or fiction
Conditioned to the amalgam
of what preceded

On the merry go round
of the journey
Myopic flashes
Intersperse themselves
into the consciousness
of the reality
Playing a game of catch up
Crossing the fault lines of belief
Begging comprehension
in the incomprehensible

Viewing the the cracks
The dualities and dichotomies
Awaiting their inevitable spread
Glossed over
in the reactiveness of destiny

Taking the leap
Crossing the veils
Embracing the infinite beauty
To the magic of the flow

A twisted and gnarled tree
Seeks the sunlight
A union revisited
Leaping through a comprehension
An unshakable belief
A moonlit dance
through the shadows
Into the light

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