Thursday, January 14, 2010

Shuttered Microcosm..........Embraced Macrocosm

Shuttered in the confines of obscurity, the dull ache emanating from deep within begins to rise, causing some consternation and uneasiness as the fragrance of moist earth touches the nostrils and floods the mind with an unknown visceral unknown, not felt in previous escapades of journeying beyond what has been thought of or experienced.

Arising out of the cacophony of the noise, the gurgling sounds of a baby strike a chord as it's voice becomes the only sound.

Enmeshed in the rays and the warmth of the sunbeam, the dream is revisited, embracing the persistence, in the vision of the intention.

Driven by the flames and heat of urgency, the blood thaws in the face of an alternate reality, differing from the conditioning of a mindset couched in language which fails to live up to it's own power.

In the induced negativity of one reality, the serotonin realism of another forges ahead at terminal velocity, while finding the peace, serenity and drive to continue in a space of surrender and extension in another.

Enjoying the longevity of experience in the moment it transpires while transcending the emotional attachments that linger long after the event has transpired.

Summoning the courage and leveraging the persistence of intention to seize the arrow in mid flight and transmute the moment into one of opportunity without enduring the barbs of dis empowerment and victim status.

Seeing the variations between the light and dark, not as grey globular mass, but , a spectrum of rainbow choices, to be exercised through perseverance and warriorship in the ultimate zest for life.

Sparks of intuitiveness and the patterns of space and time come together in a display of all moments held together in the fragile existence of mankind.

Aroused from the pelagic depths of internment, the light gently embraces all in it's love and gratitude.

Leaving the confines of an obscurity, the up ended dull ache is replaced in the centre of oneness.

A microcosm living and embraced in the wholeness of the macrocosm.

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