Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Celebration & Dance of the Beginning.......

The increased pressure in the brain lifts the mass of the body further, on a journey of implicit expansion, while the cells start to rearrange themselves in the celebration and dance of the beginning.

Caught in the momentum, the pitfalls and the mundane are exercised in the constant stream and flow of a living universe.

The sinking feeling of one reality turns into the elation and ascension of another, while the causative regression is altered in the alchemy of essence.

In the quietness of a field, appearing designs garner the full spectrum of belief, or lack thereof, whilst resonating their beauty in the intrinsic essence, where the narrative of the superiority has never before, been disputed.

Dynamic fluctuations edge all the closer to the ultimate choices and leap across the abyss of what is.

Once exiled in the diaspora of essence, the tides of change, move their way across the mainstream.

The intentions and directions have already been set, as the implementation and filtering of the present, creates the choices of the core, encompassing the spread and the manifestations of a new beginning.

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