Saturday, January 2, 2010

In the Stillness & the Quietness......

In the stillness
In the quietness
All motion ceases

The reflective glory in the pool of surrendered water turns to the obsidian inky blackness at the start of another journey.

Hematite portals start to convey their shape and form as all else begins to fade.

Orbs of solidified sunshine appear from the depths as the animal guardians beckon the essence to follow with the inner core guidance and intention.

A glacial gallery appears in the starkness of it's whiteness and purity heralding in a companionship of spirit.

In the hollowness of the silence, the ice melts, leaving it's guardians in rigid immobility.

Searing light blankets the visions, unveiling the greenery and dynamicness of the forest of dreams and warriorship.

Vines and leaf fronds cling onto the body reversing the polarity.

Embryonic visions resurface weaving their magic across the embracing forest.

A pool beckons with it's glistening surface bedazzling with it's reflection.

In the stillness
In the quietness
The motion continues.

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