Sunday, June 21, 2015

Continuous revolution.......

Transfixed on the centre stage, as  the periphery illuminates all, in it's hues, of subtleties and colour.

Brushed velvet undergrowth bristles in the early morning mist, as the dew drops dislodge themselves, free falling to the forest floor, resonating in their own silence.

In the reverie of an early morning, the floating pictures parade themselves, as the voices whisper in the background.

Images follow their own undulating path, without trespassing on the emotions and guilt, having been liberated from the rooting structure , in an epic battle to transcend the illusion of self.

A weary warrior sheds the armour and seeks respite, in the pit of silence, on a bed of leaves, undeterred by the external, whilst seeking counsel with the golden orb of the faithful.

Celebratory sparks light the undergrowth, in the circles of perspective, as the shadows stoke the fires of illumination.

Moving pools of shadow crickets serenade the dancing flames , as the croaking frogs provide a continuum of infinity.

The flames crackle and  sibilant hissing and popping, mesmerising with an array of images and faces, wandering through the golden hues of heat.

Circling the sapling.......
Circling the tree.......
A continuous cycle perpetuated through the extrapolation of all manifestations, flickering in the flames of life itself.

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