Thursday, August 13, 2015


Awake at last, as the sun creeps in through the closed eyes, to warm all that it touches.

Running visions across a vista of memory ,  feet  moving continuously, as the passing parade of life is encapsulated in each moment.

The people of the past flashing the smiles of the now.

Images held in their own perpetuity of authenticity, displaying their essence, as the poignant and propelling events juxtapose themselves into their own multi faceted brilliance.

Slowing down, to the present moment, as the past is swallowed like an appetiser, and all returns to it's own memory.

The curling wisps of burning herbal smoke grow in stature, creating their own living memorial, arranging themselves into forms of perfection.

Looking at the self from afar, spinning and immersed in the tendrils of the all embracing smoke.

Above and below, the synchronisation becomes complete, as the symmetry of each moment extends itself outwards, past the boundaries of it's own existence.

Caught in the momentum of evolution, a single feather submits itself to the force of gravity and in the descent, the birds break out into song.

A celebration of a moment.......

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