Saturday, August 15, 2015


Awaking into the darkness and stillness of the night, grinding it's way forward, without any remorse of consequence.

The caged flickering candlelight, dancing it's way past the rooms of perception, crawling across the walls of an altered perspective, jumping the great divide, whilst illuminating all in it's dance, as the Dervish's of light spin themselves in ever widening circles to the beat of the essence of life.

Fused sand molds itself into objects of a relative reality of beauty, as the light of the flickering candles transcends itself, past the boundaries of the known.

Standing under a jewelled sky, each porous moment is graced with the dancing pools of light, casting it's own choice of footprint.

Filigree shadows find each other, in their own reflective resonance, as the symphony of silence builds and stretches itself , through the waking dreams of dancing light. 

Peals of laughter ring out and reverberate their essence, through the shadows of fear and pain, as the luminosity of transparency fuses itself , through the shades of the retreating darkness.

Expedient illusions doff their hats, after throwing the gauntlet , as their histrionic influences devolve and dissolve.

Solitude in the quietness
Quietness in the togetherness
Togetherness in the solitude
Solitude in the light

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