Thursday, April 16, 2015

Free flow.....

Floating gestures free wheel themselves across the raging torrents of emotionality, greeting the well wishers and soothsayers, immobilised on the banks of the river.

Fallen nests gather speed as they are navigated by the current, in the luxury of their own surrender.

Coloured lanterns hang surrealistically  above, flickering and extending themselves with their joyousness below.

Scar tissue bears itself for the first time, after being buried, in a laden heart , and an immobilised mind.

Rays of light melt the tissue slowly, as the mind opens the floodgates to love and disburses the guilt and self loathing.

A slowly constructive process of letting go  whilst leaping into the open spaces of the heart with a confirmed conviction and intent.

Walking the warm dunes, the sand sparkles with the shards of coloured glass sprinkled like hundred's and thousand's, reminding one of a fleeting childhood ice cream sundae.

Through the looking glass, the feet find their own way,without a stumble or a fall.

The coloured shards melt into the sand from whence they came.

The illusion of reality and the reality  of the illusion continue to extrapolate and perpetuate themselves. as the floating gestures continue on their unabated path, in their own free flow.

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