Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Cyclic Circle.......

The rain invigorates the spirit as the reverberating drops cause their moisture to seep into the ground.

Held in the grip of invisibility, the dry parched throat struggles to swallow, as the brain continues to process.

An intangible weight strikes it's poser in the chest cavity and spreads it's gravity outwards.

A lone bee struggles to find the last vestiges of pollen in the early autumn.

The twitching muscles lead the dynamic, by the nose ring, through the many battles, capitulated in the surrender of self.

Residues of this self coat the persona in a juxtaposition of haunted faces, overlaid as one.

The chest heaves a sigh, as the inward forces resurrect themselves, expanding the chest cavity in their battle of wits, to leave.

Ceremonial adulation and recognition heap themselves upon each other, speaking in tongues, as the silent one's look on.

Asphyxiated trajectories slide into each other, trepanning themselves once again into a retrospective slurry.

Fallen logs echo their own anguish in the march of transcendence.

Butterflies transmute the colour of their flapping  enthusiasm into the joyful songs of birds.

The raindrops caress the cheeks and fall with the tears into the abyss of difference.

Stretched carcasses pound their hooves through the fields of green, snorting with the spectacle of life.

Striped thunder runs their race across  the dry bush veld, waiting their chance for the first rains.

Dew drops curl their way down without ever falling, as the mask of invisibility slips through it's own notches of gravity.

Heirlooms, cauterised in blood, float themselves across time, carrying their own stories seeped in the lore of reflection.

Stone aggregate crunches under the empty boots, wandering across the lavender scented courtyard.

The seven tier fountain oozes it's precious liquid, as the sound of the cascading droplets echo and resonate through the maze of being.

The twitching fingers drag the clouds across the sky, serenaded by the singing weavers laying fortuitously in the water.

The sunbeams scratch the surface with their brightnesses, enmeshing and effusing all with it's heat , encouraging the willingness and the courage to be present.

Ebullient and joyous in an expanding cyclic circle of balance , enhancing the centre in it's clarity and perspective.

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