Saturday, April 4, 2015


Sustenance passes itself through the mesh of life, undeterred in it's mission to nurture and sustain through a cycle, layered in the many facets that are present, whilst the uninitiated miss the salient importance of that which is already there.

The persistent practice of knots pays off as the gust of the wind  catches the billowing sail and illuminates it with it's power.

Willing Gods and Goddesses whisper and play muse to all who  open their petals and surrender their precious scent to the universe, while struggling selflessly in the chaos.

Blank slate catches the sibilant whispers from the tar pits, perpetuating the flurry of barbs that are launched from their lack of curiosity and ultimate shallowness.

Recycling the conventional into the extraordinary, reaps the benefits of a purpose held in the sanctity , of each breath taken.

Tasking the silence to reveal it's hidden secrets as the water catapults itself over the precipice in a spectacular display of spray and rainbows.

Images investigate their new lodgings in the brain, toying with the other residents and enjoying the illusion of their  own longevity, in the slow capture and quick release.

Quilted patchwork thoughts sing their own karaoke, in the shouting of the silence, in their own subtleties of movement.

Panicked at the cross roads of their duality, the wilted flowerpots lose their petals in the first breeze. 

An eternity of sunlit petals float endlessly as the vibrations grow in their own stature.

Crass immobilisation's follow the greed across the urgency of their own situations.

Exploits pluck the strings of the Stradivarius ........hoping, praying  and wondering through the mockery of their own technique.

In the lapse of attention , days follow each other and all blends and blurs into a oneness of being.

Cognition of  each step, each vision in it's pureness of form and purpose, whilst the essence is held in the crucible of nurtured understanding.

Succumbing to the palpability of the moment, all else is surrendered into the flow.

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