Saturday, September 15, 2007


how many people are able, willing and have an intention to step into a place that has the essence of rarefied air ?
how many people want to expand themselves into the free flow of the energy vortex, while not being constrained by one particular ideology ?
the freelance seeker carries a larger burden and in turn reaps a larger reward,
when one is not bound by the constraints and parameters, one has to have a solid base, an unbendable resolve and a nagging persistence to push forward.
most times the journey will be a lonely one, but loneliness can either be a boon to the journey or a weight depending on the attitude,
how does one make the decision ?
it is not one decision, but rather a sense of knowingness that one wants to forge ahead, even if there is no realisation of where the direction is.

one has to get to know oneself. on the outside and the inside.
you have to be curious, without accepting the sacred cows in life.
being unreasonable is part of the landscape as breathing , and learning how to use it it is part of that learning curve.
knowing that there is intrinsically a better way of life than the present one is the inspiration,
trying to change around you is close to impossible, that is, if you at first do not accept it and secondly, if you cannot change yourself.
the actioning of what you believe has a rub off and a knock on effect.
the trick is not to get lost in the hype, bur always to stay real and the how to, of all of this is, just to be.

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