Tuesday, September 11, 2007

IF LIFE IS...............

if life is really what you do before you die............then what is life?
what is it that one could say that makes up a good life ?

life is a sequence of events, which by it's very nature relates itself to the past.
it is all a matter of degrees of how it relates to events which have already happened.
all is a comparison of the high and the low moments.
what if there had never been any high moments.....are the lows, all that low.
what is it that one is comparing to ?
are you looking at yourself or looking at others where the situation could be totally different.
what is accepted as good by one person might not be accepted by another at all..
what it comes down to; is it the right thing for you.

have you really utilised most of the opportunities that were presented to you and then can you compare if you have done enough or if you still have to do some more.
have you been honest with yourself and was there integrity in your dealings with others?
have you fulfilled your own true promise ?
have you used your latent talent ?
have you kept the flame and zest for life burning ?

coming off the rails is just a gentle reminder where the rails were and not that you have failed in any way.
the chances for you as an individual to succeed reside as much with your will and energy to go a bit further each time.
your goalposts are only your goalposts and belong to no one else.

at each stage congratulate yourself in how far you have come and recommit yourself to the next stage.

the truly amazing aspect of all of this is not always obtaining what you set out to do, but on the time , effort and the journey doing it.

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