Saturday, September 15, 2007


the sky darkens
laden with optimism
when the rivers of family blood
dry to a bleached white
tear drops held suspended
in a nest of dust

in idealism
in hope
a new heart emerges
swathed in the bandages of a forgotten past

a reticence overcome
a returning to
a longing for

o! soil of my past
ashes of my future
liquid of my present
illuminate my being
intrinsic to the inner core
bemuse me
with your exculpation's
cause me the wonderment
in the firmament of languidness
trust the extrapolation of free will

know this joyousness
as the anguished cacophony ceases

desist the shutdown
the blinkering of a vision
feel the quickening a fountainhead at it's zenith
soothe the aching heart
as the river runs
it's inevitable course


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