Tuesday, September 4, 2007


stolen conversations, different lives, a part of the same life, a different facet, minute signs signalling, layers beneath layers, unpeeling and unravelling, seeing what can be seen, but is not, seeing beyond seeing, complacent visions brought to life, mundane with the interesting, the taken for granted with the intensity of in your face, the visual , the visceral, the residues and the knowledge of shape, form and appearance, the reality of the unreality, the unreality of the perceived reality, the juxtaposition of the elements, the magic of their composition, the integrity of their stature, the malevolence of the duality of darkness, the aura of energy transponding on a different plane, the sacrifice, the bemused conviviality, the impermanence of the beast, the core of being, the attention deficit, the undulating wayfarer wandering on a path of discovery, the amazement of the sights, the shallowness of being, the emotionality of the issues, the insight of nature, locking and loading, setting one's sights, moving of the parameters, answering to oneself, fidgeting unconsciously, seeing the magnificence, journeying into the unknown, making it known ,communicating on all levels, changing the faces, engaging the depths, sharing the depths, touching infinity, going beyond,making possibilities, postulating the extreme, living the way and finally moving with the flow.


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