Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Treadmill Perspective...................

Treading water is an energy consuming endeavour, which eventually leads to saturation and exhaustion.

What if there was a different way to keep one's head above the water, but more importantly raise oneself up and eventually begin to walk on water.

Changing the perspective of how one sees oneself and then how one is able to see what is around one, while interfacing with all the multi layered facets that present themselves.

In the exercising of the body, there are two ways in which one is able to accomplish this.
There is the muscle bunching and the muscle stretching.
Bunching increases the bulk of the vehicle and requires large input and large output of fuel and energy.
The body gains in size and expands in a ratio the amount of fuel and effort.

Stretching requires a lot less fuel and energy, causing the body to slim and have a lot of energy when finished.

How does this relate to changing one's perspective and what about the supreme muscle that all are gifted with-----the brain.

When all one see is oneself treading water, what other perspectives are available?

It is only in the release of the emotional content of one's life---- the surrender, that one is able to take oneself onto the next step of the journey and discover the essence of who one truly is.

Sometimes it might seem that this pre occupation with self is but a selfish act and that it has to do with the ego and vanity.

In the reading of someone else's thoughts, a picture develops and a judgement is made.

How easy is it to look at something and have an opinion.
Does one ever truly get the whole story and is there a time when one allows oneself the space to suspend this judgement and get to the essence.

Perfection is never perfect.....

Stretching the body and more importantly stretching the mind, allows one to take the next step and fulfill one's true potential.

If one is not able to know oneself, then how is one ever able to know another!

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