Saturday, October 11, 2008

The loss of innocence....From a seedpod to infinity....

The loss of innocence may come sooner or later, but when it finally descends on one without the realisation that the event has actually transpired in real time, then there is a slow down in the awareness levels of curiosity and the willingness to transcend that which is.

This does not mean that one is never able to succeed at anything.
There are many who have lost their innocence, but have gone onto do great things for themselves personally and for society.

Until one faces the most important hurdle, which is getting to know self, there will always be the emptiness, no matter what one accumulates in the struggle for survival and arrival.

One could always be philosophical or wax lyrical, be overly poetic or just be straight down the line, on the most basic level, but it is in the understanding of the whole, while not getting sucked into a tunnel of processes and procedures only, that one is able to pay attention to the details without just giving it the lip synching service.

Where does the string begin to unravel and where and at what point is the plot lost?

In business there are many organisations and corporations reaping substantive profits, but in the process of maximising their profit line they have forgotten the most important component of their business and that is not their customers but their staff.

The breakdown in the work ethic and the productivity is due to , in a majority of cases, the belief that people are easily replaced at a cheaper overhead.

Logically that might be the case!

When a general in charge of infantry wants to achieve a certain objective, there will always be the expected collateral damage.

By looking at people as expendable commodities, one does not give credit to the inherent capabilities of any individual.
Following through with that the intention is only to produce and the byline and mission statements of attention to detail and customer service are but sounds passing through the portals of an empty building.

The only way to achieve more with less is for a paradigm shift to occur.

Being in a dynamic situation requires the leadership to be dynamic and flexible, and to make sure that all those who follow are aware or at least have an understanding of the process.

Any farmer of fruit will be able to clarify and relay the attention to details that goes into producing a crop of fruit.

Nothing can be taken for granted, if one wishes to achieve the maximum yield, while ensuring that the quality is present.
The better the quality---the better the price.

If all experience is a learning curve and if history is the ultimate learning curve, then how come the interest in assimilating other learning curves has dwindled and in some cases is not even present.

What is it in human nature that prevents the assimilation of the essence of what has transpired and taking it forward ?

How is one able to effect such a shift in the context of our chaotic world?

Ultimately it is back to the individual to have certain realisations about their own purpose in life and how that meshes with the whole.

For some this is not even a factor.

Even under the harshest conditions there are those who are able to raise themselves above their situation and assimilate what has happened and in some cases is still happening and have the ability to transcend the experience, even if it fulfills a lifetime.

In essence one should not categorise transformation into a box.
If it is not the nationality, religion, colour ,creed or location, then it must be something that is inside all of us, which when tapped into, provides the ability to expand and grow as a spiritual being and not limiting it to one particular field of endeavour.
It is the ability to have a micro focus, which is the essence and a macro focus which is the whole.

In a apple orchard, wondering through, one could pick up an apple and dissect it.
Under close scrutiny one would be able to see the texture of the outside and the inside flesh.
There would also be the colours and the smell and the seeds that nestled in their very own compartments.

Look around and see the surrounding trees.
Move upwards and one might see the extent of the orchard and even further, all the buildings and then the neighbouring farms and as one gets further one starts to see things as they truly are in a broader perspective and most importantly the inter relationship that exists between all.

From outer space, we have the whole of the earth where all the man made boundaries disappear and all that remains is an orb in a sea of darkness, shrouded and swathed in clouds.

Wait! there is only one side......the other side is not visible.

The point is that we are limited by our own perspective and our ability to see all the connections.

So!.......even with the loss of innocence, all is a possibility, if one gives oneself the permission to expand and lose the fear of remaining in the seedpod of an apple for an eternity.............

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