Saturday, October 25, 2008

In the Quietness...............

Standing in the quietness of the darkness, I hear the wind singing through the branches, as the leaves energise themselves in the chatter of the unseen force, which touches them with the choice to either stay on the branch or fall off and return from whence they have come.

In the solitude of the darkness, balanced precariously in the fortitude of the stillness, the night comes alive with the possibilities and is blessed and caressed in the luminescence of energy which turns the night from a place of fear into an Eden of well being and harmony.

On a path filled with no path, the choice of direction is intuitive and the ability to trust in the whole, leads one to find the wheel of essence.

The existence of this wheel in the circle of life is to travel from the outer core to the inner core and onto the hub.

There is an invitation, to be embraced in the darkness and to come out and play.
Remembering the moments of youth, where the shoulder and the back did not feel as if life was under the oppressive weight of all around.

In the darkness, the realities of what is real and what is not, rely as much on the amount of preprogrammed thoughts and expressions one is willing to allow and choose and how close is the fear to one's heart.

Mind games and tricks turn an illusion into a reality and vice versa.

To look at the oyster shell on the seabed as it mingles with the rest of the inhabitants, is to see, what is, from a single perspective.

To retrieve the shell and prize it open is to reveal the inner beauty of a pearl and this is a different perspective.

The sea shell is inert, but the essence remains long after. .

How to translate this to the human experience and journey.
When one is prepared to open up and surrender and be vulnerable, the results of this are to change and transform one, as has never been known and what will be experienced and seen is the beauty and the essence of the authenticity and truth of a sentient being, which is able to expand as far as it's own prescribed destiny.....which is infinity.

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