Saturday, October 4, 2008

the garbaceous effluent hand....


In a sea
of our own garbage
Do we decide
when enough is enough
Will the effluence
of our affluence
eventually overtake us
all that is touched
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Sue O'Kieffe said...

always fascinating..your art...

derick said...

I thank you for the visit and welcome visitors to enjoy my muses as much as i do.

Robin Easton said...

I really like this one. A very punchy and powerful statement of our times. Good for you. I love the "effluence of our affluence". WOW!!! Really wonderful, Derick!

derick said...

thanks--i could not walk around this without taking a shot and then adding to it.
We tend to build up an immunity to what is right in front of us in the city--lost that civic minded pride and ownership, struggling with the day to day survival.
Everything is cyclic and that too has the possibility of change.