Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Connective Hands......


Connectivity of all species
through nature
Holistic bridging
Unity of intention and action
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Karin said...

Hi Derick,
I do like all your hand imagery and the various ways you use it symbolically in your work. It's such a powerful universal invitation to the viewer - inviting us in, and creating that 'holistic bridge' and connectivity.
I also love your use and vibrancy of color!
thanks, too, for your visit,

Robin Easton said...

I love this one. These new hand pieces are stunning and lend themselves to a whole series. This one has a very mosaic look to it, which goes so well with the text in that it looks like both hand are merging into each other, and the rocks below remind us of our connection to nature. This stunning.

Someday a book....I see it acoming!!! :)

derick said...

Thank you for that--I know one thing is that if it creates a reaction in the one who sees then i have accomplished something great--as to it being a universal invitation--there are great forces at work and to see the commanality goes a long way in adressing all the current challengers that we all face every day on a personal scale and as the net goes wider on a world wide scale.
thank you once again--it is much appreciated

derick said...

The base of stones if one looks very carefully there are bones lying about, which connects to animals as well.
there are quite a few others that have been done already, some with the hand and some without--you are right--there are a few series here--sometimes i miss the most obvious!!
yes --the book will come and there are a few ideas for other thigs as well--
mille grazie
namaste friend