Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Singing Vertebra

Singing vertebra
Rippling with the palpable harmonies of life
Ambulatory craniums
on their own trajectory

Blanked whitewashed walls
in the harshness
of the midday sun

Waxed mannequins smiles
held in perpetuity

billow forth their statement
Exercising their own insidiousness
Coughing and barking
to a faceless audience

Wandering minstrels and buskers
etch their existence
in the mainstream

Gargoyles peer down
Hooded shadows spray walls
in the still of the night

Exacerbation of conditions
Statements brandished
In the anonymity
of the system

Evolving circles
Casting their light
Resonating in the bone
Spreading the message

Rippling through
The singing vertebra

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