Friday, November 18, 2011

The forest.......

In the forest
Embraced in the sweet surrender of the cocoon
Emancipated by it's every gesture
Unconditional in the grace
Cloying the umbilical rapture 
a moment at a time


Robin Easton said...

Hi my dear friend. Just wanted to stop in and THANK YOU!!! for your lovely New Year wishes and the heads up on this beautifully intimate in site into the forest. It touched me deeply because it is EXACTLY how I felt in the rainforest. Oddly, the image reminds me of some of my current water shots, that deep and dramatic. Your work is, as ALWAYS, profound. YOU are profound. I am wish you much love and unforgettable insight in the New Year. Robin

derick said...

Thank you....each day being able to create and see is a gift