Sunday, November 20, 2011

Definitive Flow.......

Familiar senses
Every moment

Lulled into a vacuous sense
The familiar
Loses it's lustre

Heart dreams
Play out
Through the dualities
In the dichotomy
With the illusion's reality

The spirit
Wandering barefoot
through the forest of dreams
Slowing in the dense foliage
Anticipating the change

Accumulation of the doubts
A truth inside
A burning desire
Nipped in the bud
A foreclosure of essence

The pied piper
Leads the merry band
One by one
falling by the wayside

A path forward
Diminishing returns
Last person  standing

Caught in the momentum
Thrust into the light
of the illusion

Definitive coagulation
of the reality
Striding on winged feet
Leveraging the authenticity
of an individual truth
Joining hands 
in the cornucopia of wholeness
Evolving in the joyousness
Gregariously flowing
in the jet stream of destiny

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