Saturday, December 12, 2009

Spanning the Deficit.......

Spanning the deficit
of perceptions
Engrossed in the vivacity of life
Leavened in the eons of experience
into the moment of the now

In the realisation
In the complexity
of the bemused silence
Momentarily surrendered
For infinity

Over the reflections of an illusion
The next wave
In the totality of being


Robin Easton said...

Oh my dear friend, I totally relate and revel in this. I felt boundlessly free reading it. My life is changing so fast in leaps and bounds these days. I can hardly keep up with it. and I don't speak of the book contract I just signed...yes, that is good in many ways, but that is minor compared to the increasing freedom of spirit I am experiencing each day, moment to moment and day to day. I feel like I am carrying on a passionate love affair with Life, a love affair so intense that I am in continual ecstasy. That doesn't mean that my life doesn't have it's challenges, sometimes intense challenges, but I don't even care. They are nothing in the face of this searing light I feel inside, which is so bright I cannot contain it, not even if I tried.

Your writing here is spectacular, magnificent and speaks to the soul and of the soul, it speaks of freedom. I bless you dear one for being so and sharing it with the world. YOU span the deficit for SOOOOO many. For that and more I thank you from my heart. Robin

derick said...

congrats on your book contract--
a celebration to 'this searing light I feel inside'--
I thank you for your kind comments and know that what is written, what is felt is all about settings those things free so that they may resonate where ever they find the mindset ti receive and welcome them in.
mille grazie friend