Saturday, December 5, 2009

Essence of Duality.......

Pervasive darkness echoes in the empty corridors, filled with the detritus of an emotional mind, caught in the throw and hold of depression.

In the reality of an ever present truth, the incoming walls of darkness are claustrophobic and stifling as the emptiness inside slides into fragility of a bottomless pit.

The viper of diminishing returns presents only one face to the one who is in the grip of it's power, but there are other sides.

Devolving energy cycles and the retainment and harbouring of emotional negativity is able to be held at a point, where the reverse is possible.

Reversing the state of flex is the ability to flow with the present, while jettisoning the emotional energy bit by bit.

Peeling the onion of one's psyche is not an everyday past time and needs courage, determination and a resolve to move from a darkened space into a space of realisation, that one was never left without the light.

It was subverted by the perceptions.

Hoarding and holding onto the energy of the past while not being able to leap that great divide, while seizing the moment in the process and finding the essence of who one truly is.

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